How To Find Your Hidden or Lost Bluetooth Device (2023 Updated Guide)

Ever since wireless earphones and headphones came into the market, the usage of the products has enormously increased. In fact, according to a recent consumer survey, more than half of Americans purchase some type of Bluetooth device every year

This is mainly due to the devices’ portability and wireless compatibility. But despite its convenience, one cannot disagree that not being able to find the hidden or lost Bluetooth device is one of the most frustrating situations ever, and the problem gets worse when the device is turned off.

So, what if we tell you there are a couple of methods to find your lost or hidden Bluetooth device in a few minutes? Keep reading to get all your answers!

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How To Find My Bluetooth Device? | Ways To Find Locate Hidden Bluetooth Device

Follow the workarounds mentioned below and learn how to discover lost Bluetooth devices!

1. Using Wunderfind App

The most common thing about all Bluetooth devices is they have constant connectivity to your smartphone until the time they are turned off. Using a professional application like Wunderfind, you can easily track your current Bluetooth devices and get the direction of their location on the built-in map.

This same technology is found in fitness bands that count the number of steps you have walked daily. These bands/smartwatches certainly do not use GPS to track your steps. Instead, they rely on Bluetooth to track your movements.

Wunderfind does the same thing, but instead of tracking daily steps, it tracks the devices paired with your smartphone in the past. This does not mean that Wunderfind will give you the exact location of the lost device. Still, it will use proximity messages which will guide you in the right direction while locating the last connected location of your Bluetooth device on a map.

Follow the steps mentioned below to track your lost Bluetooth device:

1. Install and launch the Wunderfind app on your smartphone. The application is available for both Android & iPhone users.

2. Choose the device you wish to locate, and you will see all the Bluetooth devices near you.

Find Your lost Bluetooth Device

3. Choose on specific device and observe the calculated distance score. Carefully check how this score changes as you move forward to find your hidden/lost Bluetooth device.

Find Your Hidden Bluetooth Device

4. Your device should be near you soon!

Wunderfind app comes with two versions – free and paid editions, which have additional features like plotting the devices on Google Maps or Apple Maps to locate hidden Bluetooth devices. Using Wunderfind, one can easily find their portable speakers, Fitness Tracker, Fitbit tracker, and more.

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2. Use Find My App For AirPods

If you are an Apple user and have lost AirPods, things are slightly easier. Apple offers a dedicated app to find and locate all your Apple devices that have your iCloud logged in and connected. If you want to find your lost AirPods, consider using the Find My application. Follow these steps:

  • You need to launch your Find My application on your iOS or macOS.
  • Tap on the Devices tab.
  • Select the device – AirPods. You can also track your Apple Watch or any personal item with an AirTag attached.
  • After selecting the preferred device, a map will open on the right side of the screen.
  • Now, you will see a location, and whether the AirPods are active and can be found, and if not, you will see a message stating ‘No Location Found.’

Find Your lost Bluetooth Device


If you have lost only one of your AirPods on the map, you will see only one device location at a time. Put the AirPods you already have in the case, and then try refreshing the map to locate the lost one.

You can simply play any sound that will help you locate them quickly. Here’s what you need to do to get started with the “find my Bluetooth device” journey.

  • Launch the Find My application on your iPhone/Mac/iPad.
  • Head towards the Devices tab.
  • Now, you must select your AirPods or any other lost Bluetooth device from the given list of devices.
  • Tap on the option of Play Sound.

This will play a sound that will get louder with time as soon as you get in the proximity of your hidden/lost Bluetooth device.

Find Your Hidden Bluetooth Device

Moreover, to get an alert on your device if you mistakenly leave your AirPods behind, follow the instructions below. To use this method, you need to have iPhone 12 or later, on which you can enable separation alerts.

Note: This workaround will only work on AirPods 3rd Generation, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max.

  • Open the Find My app.
  • Go on the Devices Tab.
  • Select your AirPods from the list of devices.
  • Under Notifications, select & toggle on the option Notify When Left Behind.

Find Your Hidden or Lost Bluetooth Device

You will get an alert whenever you leave your AirPods behind in an unknown location.

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Tips On ‘How To Find Bluetooth Device’?

Our tips for finding a lost Bluetooth device are pretty easy to implement. These tips are quite basic, but it is indeed worth having a look at all of them.

  • Search The Places Where You Could Have Left The Device

To begin with, you can look for the Bluetooth device where it may get missing. These places could generally be the back of the sofa, the footwell of the car, or similar places where you usually sit and relax.

  • Retrace Your Steps And Look If They Have Fallen

Bluetooth earphones are too small and can easily fall off your pocket anytime. It is worth trying to retrace your steps and ensure that the device is not on the ground.

  • Play Loud Music If The Device Is Still Connected

Suppose the device is still connected to your phone. You can just locate them by playing the music at the highest volume. Simply follow the sound of the headphones until you reach them.

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FAQs | Find More About Lost/Hidden Bluetooth Devices (2023)

Q1. How Can I Find A Lost Bluetooth Device?

You can find your lost Bluetooth device using the Wunderfind app on your Android or iOS device. Additionally, you can use Apple’s Find My app to locate your lost Bluetooth gadget.

Q2. Can We Track A Lost Bluetooth Device?

There are a few easy methods through which you can finally say,” Yes! It’s easy to find my Bluetooth device”.  Two popular methods are using the Wunderfind app or the Find my App.


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