Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro vs Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder vs Easy Duplicate Photo Finder


Duplicate Photos and Images! That is one common problem faced by millions across the globe and based on my personal experience it would take months and a lot of effort to scan through your photo library to identify and delete the duplicates. However, the issue cannot be resolved 100% as new images and photos are being added every day. The problem of dupes extends when you also want to get rid of similar and near-identical photos as well. And then there were tons of duplicate images received by me through social media platforms.

Fun Fact: 40% of the images that consist of greetings, inspiration, motivations, and well wishes received by an active smartphone user are duplicates.

Troubled, Disappointed, and feeling lost, dawn shone upon me in the form of applications that could help scan, identify and delete duplicate images for me. I found out about certain apps that could do the job within a few minutes and save all the trouble of wasting considerable time and effort with less than 100% results. However, my joy was short-lived, when I found that there were more than one apps that could do the trick which put me in my next dilemma – which was the best duplicate photo cleaner application out of all?

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This article is an attempt to compare and identify one sole winner among the three best duplicate photo removers available today. Here is a short description of them.

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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an amazing application that was developed with the sole purpose of scanning, identifying, and deleting a large amount of duplicate and similar images from your photo collection. This app has been recognized and awarded by many software experts for removing duplicates for a very long time. It is available on all four major platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS and supports all types of internal and external devices.

Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder

Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder uses algorithms to detect duplicates and remove them to help users gain more storage space and organize the photo library.

Easy Duplicate Photo Finder

Easy Duplicate Photo Finder is also a fast and accurate image scanning app that recognizes duplicates irrespective of changes in file name and format. This helps users to delete duplicate photos no matter how different they might seem to the naked eye.

Duplicate photo fixer Pro vs Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder vs Easy Duplicate Finder

To compare these we have to first understand that all these apps remove duplicate photos on your computer but we are looking for a value for money app. Let us examine the basis on which these apps can be compared:

Cost. One of the most important factors is the cost of the software as no one would like to spend more if the job can be done by purchasing a less priced app.

Remove duplicates. As I mentioned earlier all apps do delete duplicates but it would be interesting to find out if they delete similar and near identical images as well.

Support External Drives. If you have images on your SD card, USB drive, or external hard disk, then you can copy them to your computer’s main hard drive and scan them. But an added feature would be appreciated if the app scans the external drivers and saves us the trouble of copying them to the internal hard disk.

Scanning Modes. Some duplicate photo cleaners offer different modes to scan images which means you can detect more duplicate images than a simple scan.

Auto Mark. This feature helps to select the duplicates automatically and requires the user to click on the delete button only saving time and effort to select all duplicates one by one.

Comparing Process. Any duplicate photo finder app must use smart algorithms to identify duplicates that are renamed, cropped, trimmed, or flipped. Using parameters like file name, file size and file type would not help you get rid of all the duplicates.

Image Formats. There are over 60+ image formats, including RAW images from DSLR. A great photo duplicate remover app must be able to recognize all sorts of image types.

Quick Summary and Winner

For those who can’t wait, here is a glance at the summary and winner of the comparison between Duplicate photo fixer Pro vs Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder vs Easy Duplicate Finder.

Feature Duplicate photo fixer Pro Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder Easy Duplicate Finder
Remove duplicates Exact, Similar, Near identical Exact, Similar, Near identical Exact
Scanning Modes 5 modes 3 Modes 2 modes
Support External Drives Yes Yes No
Auto Mark Yes Yes No
Cost. $39.95 $35.40 $39.95
Compare Process Advanced Algorithms (Duplicate identification percentage – 99%) Smart Algorithms

(Duplicate identification percentage – 80%)

CRC32 Checksum + File size. (Duplicate identification percentage – 60%)
Image Formats All Image Formats 60 + Image formats Most Image Formats
Trial Version Removes 15 Photos for free Does not remove any Photo Removes 10 Photos for free

The first glance at the above table eliminates Easy Duplicate Finder from the comparison as it has less advanced features as compared to the other two. Moving on between Duplicate photo fixer Pro vs Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder, if the cost is the major factor then your choice should be Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder as it is cheaper. But by saving $5 you miss out on an application that has a far greater chance of success with 5 modes of scanning and advanced algorithms. If you ask me, then the clear winner here is Duplicate photo fixer Pro which offers more features than the rest.

Winner: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

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Need more convincing? – Let us check the comparison factors and other features of all these apps in detail.

Detailed Comparison points between Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro vs Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder vs Easy Duplicate Photo Finder

For those who want to get to the bottom of this comparison, let us start examining each application in detail. This will further help you to make the decision that is floating among the clouds of doubt.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an astonishing duplicate photo cleaner software that assists to detect exact duplicates and similar images while freeing up storage space on your PC. It also supports removing photos in batch mode. Some of the major features of this program are:

Optimized Photo Gallery

Duplicates in your gallery can spoil the fun when you are trying to relive your memories. Instead of skipping the similar and duplicate ones, it is advisable to remove them beforehand.

Simple and Convenient to Use

This software has an intuitive interface that is fast and simple to use without any training.

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Recovers Valuable Storage Space

Duplicate images occupy space and once they are identified and removed, you would regain your storage space.

Precise results

Precise results

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro arranges similar and duplicate photos into groups and clubs all similar images in the same group.

Advanced Algorithm

This application does not take into account the name, size, or format of an image file but rather uses an advanced algorithm that guarantees 99% success.

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Specifications & Pricing

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7,  8, 10
Memory 2 GB
Storage 1 GB
Price $39.95

Note: The Trial version removes 15 duplicates, similar or near-identical photos for free.

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Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder

Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder

Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder is an app similar to Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and helps its users to remove duplicates, similar and near-identical photos from your Windows 10 PC. Some of its features are:

In-built image viewer

This feature helps to preview the image before performing any action on it.

 Easy Selection

Another important feature of this app is the powerful selection assistant that helps to mark all the duplicates within seconds rather than clicking on each duplicate image.

Flipped & Rotated Images


Most duplicate photo cleaners do not detect an image if it has been flipped or rotated but this is not the case with the Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder.

Supports 60+ image formats

This application supports all major image formats like JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and even supports RAW images from your camera.

Exclude Folders

Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder software allows users to exclude certain folders from the scan process if a user has intentionally stored some similar and near-identical images.

Specifications & Pricing

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7,  8, 10
Memory 2 GB
Storage 1 GB
Price $35.40

Note: The trial version does not support deleting any image for free.

trial version

Download here

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Easy Duplicate Photo Finder

Easy Duplicate Photo Finder

The final one on this comparison journey is Easy Duplicate Photo Finder that is one of the most popular duplicate photo cleaners and has existed for a long time. Some of the important features are:

Easy to Use

As the name suggests, Easy Duplicate Photo Finder is a simple and convenient software to operate.

Supports Major Image Formats

This application recognizes all major file formats like JPG, PSD, TIFF, BMP, RAW.

Preview Option

The Easy Duplicate Photo Finder helps users to preview the image before taking any action on it.

Dual Mode scanning

Dual Mode scanning

Uses can choose a simple file name scanning mode or use SHA 256 Checksum mode for advanced detection.

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Specifications & Pricing

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7,  8, 10
Memory 2 GB
Storage 1 GB
Price $39.95

Note: The trial version can remove up to 10 duplicate photos for free.


Download here

The Final Verdict On Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro vs Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder vs Easy Duplicate Finder

It is a difficult choice to make while comparing two or more software unless one application out of them contains extraordinary features. In our comparison case, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder have a lot of similarities and hence the competition toughened between them leaving Easy Duplicate Photo Finder out. However, by micro examination of minute details, it seems Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro emerged as the clear winner due to its advanced algorithm and 5 different scanning modes.

Winner: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

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