Discover the Mind-Blowing Features Released by Microsoft for Excel in May 2023

Excel’s Got a Power Boost: Microsoft Unveils an Array of Highly Requested Features, with a Special Treat for Power BI PivotTable Users!

Microsoft Excel, the go-to spreadsheet software for both casual users and enterprises, continues to dominate the market with its exceptional capabilities and extensive feature set. Recognizing the need to keep its user base engaged, Microsoft consistently introduces fresh enhancements to Excel. Recently, the tech giant Microsoft has unveiled a comprehensive rundown of all the remarkable advancements made to the software via the May 2023 update.

With that said let’s take a look at newly added features to Microsoft Excel.

New Excel Features on Web, Windows, and Mac

1. Introducing an Enhanced Collaborative Experience: Share Table Option Now Easily Accessible via Context Menu

Context Menu

Users now have a powerful tool at their disposal to draw attention to tables within their Excel workbooks. By utilizing the Table option in the right-click menu, they can effortlessly generate a link specifically for the table of interest. This link can then be easily shared with others, allowing for seamless collaboration and focused discussions.

2. Enhance Date Functionality in PBI PivotTables for Optimal Data Analysis

PBI PivotTables
PivotTables now provide enhanced support for dates, ensuring more accurate time-based filtering and data sorting. Previously treated as strings, dates are now recognized as date-and-time objects within the PivotTable. However, it’s important to note that this enhancement does not extend to other areas outside of the PivotTable, such as formulas, where proper date support remains limited.

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3. PBI PivotTables now offer improved support for Implicit Measures


Power BI-connected PivotTables now have the added functionality of supporting implicit measures. This means that you can now easily perform drag-and-drop aggregations, such as sum, distinct count, average, and more, without the requirement of pre-defined measures (explicit measures) in the underlying Power BI datasets. This enhancement makes analyzing and summarizing data in PivotTables more intuitive and efficient.

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4. Narrator Enhancements

Microsoft Excel now offers an enhanced reading experience with the Narrator feature. When working in Excel, Narrator provides a more concise and streamlined reading experience. It prioritizes important announcements, allowing you to quickly skim through workbooks with ease. Moreover, you have the flexibility to customize Narrator announcements using convenient keyboard shortcuts, ensuring personalized and efficient Excel usage.

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5. Verify your formula accuracy using the Value Preview Tooltip feature

Value Preview Tooltip feature

By simply selecting a specific portion of your formula, Excel will generate a tooltip displaying the current value of the highlighted parameter. This allows for easy evaluation and verification of your formulas.

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So, these were some major improvements added by tech giant Microsoft in spreadsheet software Excel under the May 2023 update. If you have any feedback regarding the existing features of Excel or if you wish to request new features, be sure to communicate your thoughts and suggestions to the Redmond tech giant by providing your feedback here.

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