150 Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Part 1

Microsoft Excel is designed and developed for different platforms – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. It is very useful application and it features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications.

Microsoft Excel has the basic features of all spreadsheets,using a grid of cells arranged in numbered rows and letter-named columns to organize data manipulations like arithmetic operations. As it is widely used, the shortcuts to work on the same should be known to make our work simpler.

So, here we have listed the keyboard shortcuts for Excel to make working on Excel easier.

  • Function Key Shortcuts For Excel:

S.No. Shortcuts Description
1   F1 It will load the help windows
2 F2 It allows you to edit the selected cell
3 F3 If a named cell is created, F3 is used to paste names.
4 F4 Closes the present workbook open
5 F5 Displays the “Go To” dialog box. Go To box appears when Ctrl + G.
6 F6 Switches between the panes of the workbook , if it spilt Window.
7 F7 It will prompt to check the spelling for the entire workbook or selected cell.
8 F8 It enables and disables “Extend Mode” selection.
9 F9 Recalculates the output of all formulas in a workbook. If you edit a cell which has formula then it replaces the value of the formula in the cell.
10 F10 It displays the keyboard shortcut for the excel ribbon like F for File, H for Home etc. Just like Shift + F6
11 F11 It inserts Chart in excel and if you select data and press F11, then it will use the data for the chart.
12 F12 It opens Save As dialog box.
  • Basic Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

13 Ctrl +C Copies the selected data
14 Ctrl +X Cuts the selected data
15 Ctrl + V Pastes the selected data
16 Ctrl + Z Undo the last action performed
17 Ctrl + 1 Format cells dialog box will open
18 Ctrl + 2 It enables Bold
19 Ctrl + 3 It enables Italic
20 Ctrl + 4 It enables Underline
21 Ctrl + 5  Strikethrough highlighted selection.
22 Ctrl + 0 Hides the selected column
23 Ctrl + A Selects the entire sheet
24 Ctrl + B Highlights the selected content in Bold
25 Ctrl + I Highlights the selected content in Italic
26 Ctrl + S Saves the work done on a worksheet
27 Ctrl + K Inserts Hyperlink
28 Ctrl + U Highlights the selected content with Underline
29 Ctrl + P Provides options to Print
30 Ctrl + D Copies from the cell above it. It has the same function as Ctrl + ‘
31 Ctrl + N Opens a new workbook
32 Ctrl + F1 Maximizes the window
33 Ctrl + F2 Opens Format Shape and also provides with an option to Print the workbook.
34 Ctrl + F3 Opens Excel’s Name Manager
35 Ctrl + F4 Provides you with an option to save the workbook.
36 Ctrl + F5 Restores the window size of the selected workbook window.
37 Ctrl + F6 Switch to the next workbook window when more than one workbook window is open.
38 Ctrl + F7 If  windows is not maximized,

activates Move window cursor

39 Ctrl + F8 If  windows is not maximized,

Activate resize window cursor

40 Ctrl + F9 Minimizes the excel window
41 Ctrl + F10 Maximize or restores the selected workbook
42 Ctrl + F11 Creates a new worksheet with the name Macro 1 , Macro 2
43 Ctrl + F12 Opens the Open menu
44 Ctrl + Tab Switches between two excel sheets
45 Ctrl + ; Enters the current date
46 Ctrl + ‘+’ Gives a option to insert a cell
47 Ctrl + ‘-’ Gives a option to delete a cell
48 Ctrl + ~ Switch between showing Excel formulas or their values in cells.

The action will extend all column widths which reverses when pressed again.

49 Ctrl + Home Move to cell A1
50 Ctrl + End Move to the last cell with the content on worksheet
51 Ctrl + Space Selects the current column
52 Ctrl + Delete Deletes the selected content
53 Ctrl + Enter Doesn’t let the cursor to move from the selected field
54 Alt + Enter Starts a new line inside a cell
55 Alt + 2 Gives Undo list, you can toggle with arrow keys to select what action needs to be undone.
55 Alt + 3 Gives Redo list . Use Arrow Down to extend redo range.
56 Alt + = Inserts Autosum formula
57 Alt + F1 Inserts a chart in a current workbook
58 Alt + F2 Opens the location of the workbook on the system
59 Alt + F4 Closes Excel
60 Alt + F8 Displays Macro dialog box
61 Alt + F10 Opens Selection Window, repeating the action will close the same.
62 Alt + F11 Opens the Microsoft Visual Basic Applications for the workbook opened.
63 Shift + F2 Gives you an option to Insert a comment for the selected cell
64 Shift + F3 Opens Insert Function dialog box
65 Shift + F5 Opens Find and Replace window
66 Shift + F7 Opens Thesaurus
67 Shift + F8 Extends selection, after performing the action, wherever you link on the excel sheet, the cell will be selected along with the previous one.
68 Shift + F10 Performs the same action as right clicking on any cell.
69 Shift + F11 Creates a new sheet in the current workbook and the action can be performed with Alt + Shift + F1 or Ctrl + Y.
70 Shift + Home/End Selects  from the insertion point to beginning/ end of cell

These are a few keyboard shortcuts for Excel if used, can simplify your work. Stay tuned for more.

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