How Can a Digital Slate Help Your Kids to Grasp the Alphabet?

With the Pandemic spreading across the world, it is not advisable to send our little children out to school. However, at the same time learning the English Alphabet is the basis for all future education. While you may consider knowing the Alphabet to be an easy task, it can be quite difficult for kids to learn, identify and write them. Considering this fact, Systweak Software has designed an app that will engage the kids to play games based on learning the alphabet and enjoy the overall process of learning. This post introduces the ABCD Drawing app for kids that will teach them alphabets and numbers without the kids realizing the fact that they were studying.

ABCD Drawing App: School at Home for Toddlers

The ABCD Drawing app is a great place to learn the alphabet, detect colors, and distinguish shapes. The software aids in the development of a child’s cognitive abilities. This means that by utilizing visual aids, toddlers, children, and kindergarten students will be capable of learning faster, recalling alphabets, and doing a lot extra. Additionally, children can learn to write numbers 0 to 9 as well as alphabets in capital and small letters. This self-teaching educational app is a fantastic method to get your child’s learning off to a good start.

This finest learning app for kids is a perfect blend of games and instructional content. It provides an interactive and cutting-edge method of learning alphabet writing. Using all of your senses to learn anything is the best approach to do it. You will understand what this implies after using the finest learning software. This instructional tool for youngsters is divided into four parts and involves all of the senses. You can listen, perform an activity, and look at the screen whether you choose Alphabet learning, musical drawing, practice writing, or use coloring books.

Learn to read and write the alphabet


Children can learn the alphabet in this part, as the name says. To better describe each letter, there is a different shape for it. Furthermore, the sound aids a child’s learning of letter pronunciation.

Drawing with Music

Drawing with Music

This is the best learning app’s second and most excellent module. You may teach your child to recognize colors and draw different shapes with them. Soothing music begins to play as soon as the child presses his or her finger on the screen. This aids in the learning, drawing, and enjoyment of music.

Writing Exercises

Writing Exercises

It’s time to teach the child how to write letters now that he or she has learnt the alphabet. That is the focus of this section. Once you’ve arrived, you can choose whether you want to learn how to write in capital letters, small letters, or digits. The letters are written in large and small fonts, and the digits 0 to 9 are included.

Book of Colors

Book of Colors

To keep the kids interested, this module teaches them how to fill colors in various shapes and characters.

How To Install & Use ABCD Drawing App on Your Android Device?

Step 1: Click on the download button below or visit the Google Play Store Official page.

Step 2: Once installed tap on the shortcut icon created on the home screen to launch this app.

home screen

Step 3: Once the app loads you will get four options to choose from. Tap on the activity that you want your kid to play and follow the instructions.

app loads

Step 4: You can choose any game and click on the Home or Back button to come to the main screen.

The Final Word On How can a Digital Slate Help your Kids to Grasp the Alphabet?

ABCD Drawing app is one of the most popular apps that can help your kids learn and grasp the English Alphabet. It also helps children to learn about numbers and color images in a fun manner. The drawing musical module encourages children to keep drawing different shapes while listening to music when they draw. This fun educational app is a must-have for all parents with little kids so that they can Learn the Alphabet before going to school.

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