Review – ABCD Drawing App: Best Learning App for Innovative Minds

Helping kids learn the alphabet can seem like an unnerving task. Where to start? Should it be done in order? What is the best way to help them learn? So many questions.

My advice? Keep it simple and fun.

Children enjoy playing & if we can make them learn to write letters and draw in a fun way, they will do it better. Learning doesn’t have to be boring; it can be interesting, creative, and fun.

Here we will explain a fun way to make your kids learn the letters, via an app known as the ABCD Drawing app.

What is ABCD Drawing App?

As a toddler’s parent, you need to walk the line between being a loving & nurturing parent and being a teacher. Overlooking this key aspect won’t bring any good for. What might look like a game to you might be an interactive way to make your kid learn the alphabet and numbers.

I am talking about the ABCD learning app. A fun and innovative educational app for kids. Using it, your kids can learn the alphabet and learn to draw and write.

ABCD app

This best learning app is an ultimate mix of games and educational app for kids. It offers an interactive and state-of-the-art way to learn alphabet writing.

Why ABCD Drawing App?

The best way to learn something is to involve all senses. Once you use this best learning app, you will understand what this means.

ABCD app features

Divided into four modules, this educational app for kids engages all the senses. Whether you pick Alphabet learning, musical drawing, practice writing, or colour book, you need to listen, perform an activity, and look at the screen.

The more your attention span, the more quickly your child will learn to write and understand the alphabet.

App Information

Developed by – Systweak Software Pvt. Ltd.

Version –

Compatible OS – Android 5.0 and higher versions

Release Date – September 21st, 2020

File Size – 10 MB

App Category – Educational

Age – 5 +

Benefits of Using ABCD Drawing App

  • Cognitive Development
  • Learn while playing
  • Makes kid learn how to use all senses
  • One-stop solution for learning alphabet and numbers
  • Make your hands move on the music
  • No ads
  • Interactive animations and voice guidance to learn more accurately

Features – ABCD Drawing App

If you are a parent, you know all about the kids apps. They are obnoxious, grasping, and often don’t function the way they claim. I’m not here to judge any app or to tell whether it’s appropriate to let your child use gadgets, but I think all parents will agree on one thing, whatever we are engaging the kids in should be kid-friendly and easy to use.

An ad-supported kids app can do more harm than good. These apps are designed to make money rather than to educate your kid. For the developers, it doesn’t matter what the ads are for; they just show them. So, if you are not supervising your kid while using the smartphone, never use such apps. They can end up tapping on a malicious ad, thereby infecting the device.

Therefore, trust an app that doesn’t show ads and make your kid learn. ABCD Drawing app is just the perfect solution and best learning app for Android users.

This educational app for kids is divided into three modules:

  • Learn Alphabet
  • Musical Drawing
  • Practice Writing
  • Colour Book

ABCD Drawing app Home screen

1. Learn Alphabet

As the name implies, using this section, children can learn alphabet. For each letter, there is a different shape to explain it better. Moreover, the sound helps a child learn how to pronounce the letters.

By default, this module opens in landscape mode, but you can alter it to a portrait.

Learn alphabet

You can replay the alphabet as many times as you want or select any alphabet for your choice. Using the options given in the left pane, can head back to Home, enable/ disable sound, replay, change the mode, etc.

2. Musical Drawing

This is the second and most fantastic module of this best learning app. Using it, you can make your kid recognize colors and draw different shapes. As the child presses the finger on the screen, soothing music starts to play. This helps learn, draw, and enjoy the music.

There are five basic colors given to choose from. Each time a color is picked, the sound calls out the name. This helps kids memorize it. Alongside there are other options like Redo, Undo, Erase, and New. You can pick any to perform the action you want.

Musical Drawing

Note: To save the drawing, you will need to grant access permission to photos and videos. If you deny, the drawing will not be saved.

  • Five colors: Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet (with separate musical notes for each).
  • New – Get a new clear page & start a new drawing.
  • Erase- Clear the incorrect part of the drawing.
  • Undo/Redo – To go back and forth for your actions.
  • More – Load previous paintings.

3. Practice Writing

Now that the kid has learned the alphabet, it’s time for learning to write letters. This section is dedicated to that. Once you are here, you can decide whether you want to learn writing capital or small alphabet or numbers. The letters are given in capital and small letters along with the numbers from 0 to 9.

Practice Writing

Afterward, tap on the alphabet you want to learn to write and run your finger through it. Once done, tap Done.

Letter Practice ABCD app

Similarly, you can learn how to write the numbers.

Practice Number ABCD app

Yipee, you will learn how to trace the letters and numbers accurately.

  • Three writing options – Capital letters, small letters, and numbers
  • Select any letter or number from the screen.
  • Done to finish writing
  • Reset- Clears the screen
  • Next- Move to the next alphabet or number
  • Retry- Keep practicing.
  • Exit from practice- Go back to Practice writing.

4. Colour Book

In this module, kids can easily learn how to fill colours in different shapes and characters to keep the kids interested.

Colour Book ABCD app

Select any one of the images and start filling colours shown in the image, with the help of tools given in the bottom of the screen.

Colour Book ABCD app

So, this is it. Using these fantastic modules offered by the best educational app for kids, you can make your child learn the alphabet and numbers. This all in one best learning app will make your kid learn the alphabet and help them learn to draw and memorize them.

Do use it and share your feedback in the comments section.


  • comment_avtar
    Chris Smith
    I installed this app and my kid is just loving it… Thanks for sharing!

    4 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Preeti Seth
      Hello Chris, Glad to know you liked our app. If you have any suggestions about the ABCD Drawing app do let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

      4 years ago

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