How To Fix Default Apps and Program Missing on Windows 11/10

Windows is an operating system that is known for its apps. Whether it be the apps that Windows gives you out of the box or the ones that you often download from the Microsoft Store, life on Windows would be incomplete and uninteresting, isn’t it? The very thought of “Windows without apps” looks as if doesn’t exist. But, off-late, some users have come across a situation – they cannot find their default apps and programs.

Why Are Default Apps Missing On My Windows 11/10 Computer?

There could be multiple reasons why you are unable to see default apps on your Windows PC. Some of them are mentioned below –

  • You have installed a new build after which some programs have gone missing.
  • Enabling God Mode could also be the reason why some Windows 10 default apps are missing.
  • Your Antivirus is interfering with some default apps.
  • The intended application may have become corrupt.

Other Error Messages/ Issues Related To Missing Default Apps –

  • Default apps won’t open on Windows 11/10.
  • Default apps open but freeze after some time.
  • Windows 11/10 is unable to find the app which is otherwise installed on other Windows systems.

What would you do if you are in any of the above situations? How are you going to get your default apps and programs on Windows 11/10 back? That’s what this post’s for. Here are some ways you can get back missing default apps and programs.

How To Fix Default Apps and Program Missing on Windows 11/10

– Disable God Mode


One of the tried and tested methods that have been able to get back missing default apps and programs on Windows 11/10  is disabling the God Mode. Putting it simply, it is having a folder where you can access advanced and hidden settings. If you haven’t heard of it or are intrigued by what this feature can do, this post is for you. To disable God Mode, all you have to do is delete the folder and after that restart your computer.

– Update Windows 11/10

Immaterial of whether you have Windows 11 or Windows 10, if you encounter a situation where you are unable to see default apps and programs, you can try and update your Windows, for one, that it will likely fix the bug because of which some of your default apps and programs have gone missing. If you are a Windows 10 user, this post on how to use Windows update and security settings in Windows 10 will prove to be useful to you.

To update Windows 11, follow the steps mentioned below –

1.Press Windows + I and open Settings
2.From the left-hand side click on Windows Update

system3.Click on Check for updates and fetch if there are any available

check-for-update4.Restart your computer and check if you can now see your missing default apps and programs


– Repair Application

Quite possibly, the app you think is missing has become corrupt during the update. And, how would you find that? Go to Settings and head to Default apps. Did you find the app in question in there? If yes, Windows makes it possible for you to repair apps, and here are the steps. Please note that the below-mentioned steps are applicable on Windows 10 –

1.Open Settings by pressing Windows + I

designer2.Click on Apps
3.Locate the app that is not showing up otherwise
4.Click on the Advanced option just below the publisher’s name which should mostly by Microsoft Corporation

apps-features5.Click on Repair

repair6.Additionally, you can even Reset the app

– Try and Fix The Issue With The Help of Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

Exhausted all possible workarounds to find default missing apps and programs? Let the Windows inbuilt troubleshooter come to your rescue. To do that –

1.Open Settings
2.Click on Troubleshoot from the right-hand side

troubleshoot3.Click on Other Troubleshooters

other4.Under Others scroll down and locate Windows Store Apps
5.Click on the Run button next to it


– Reinstall The App Again

If the methods didn’t work and you still couldn’t find your default missing apps and programs, you can try and reinstall them from the Microsoft Store. For this, fire up the Microsoft Store on your computer, search for the app you are looking for and click on the Get button.

Wrapping Up

Default apps across various types – be it your calendar, calculator, media player, browser, you name it are just as good if not better than the rest of the apps on your computer. And, needless to say, if default apps and programs go missing, it can be a cause of the issue. But, jitter not, hope this post has been able to resolve the issue for you. For more such content, keep reading WeTheGeek. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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