5 Coolest Things Google Voice Can Do For You!

Google Voice has undoubtedly made things easier for us! It has come up with the concept of the smarter phone number which works on phone as well as the web to make or receive calls, anytime and anywhere. Though you cannot replace your mobile number with Google Voice as of now, there are so many advantages associated with it.

What Is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a free phone service that lets you make or recieve calls from your mobile as well as computer. Its navigation is pretty simple while saving your time to stay connected with people. In case, you wish to forward your call to any other device or keep spam calls silently blocked, the control lies in your own hand. Personal, professional or business, Google Voice lets you combine them very strategically.

To set it up, simply sign up for Google Voice account, choose a new phone number, input your current phone number and start making calls. Make sure you connect yourself with WiFi or mobile data to use the services. Now let’s figure out things that make Google Voice different from the world.

1. Google Voice Integration With Mobile Calls & Texts

Google Voice Integration With Mobile

As you sign up on Google voice, start with downloading the Google Voice app on your phone, which is available for iPhone as well as Android. Once setup is done, you can check your voicemail, send or recieve calls and texts and even check the account balance. Now if you dial any number from the app, people will get your Google number rather than cellphone number.

Yes, it good for keeping privacy as well as maintaining businesses.

NOTE that Google Voice works for Google accounts only in the US and in selected markets. Moreover, Text messages are not supported in all markets.

2. Phone Call Recording

Before we go ahead on this, it becomes your responsibility to make sure that recording calls are legal in your zone. Now when call recording has to be made, accept the call and press 4 to record. It is possible to record calls on iPhone, Android, computer as well as tablet.

Now you can use this recording for official or personal purposes. It is just that you and caller both can listen to the announcement that call recording is taking place. Once done, you are free to download this recording in MP3 format.

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3. Screen Calls Feature

Google brings back an old feature, you are now able to screen the calls by checking the message from beginning to end. Moreover, whenever an unknown caller is calling you, Google Voice will ask him to tell his name first. So even before you pick up the call, you will know the person calling you from the other end.

To enable the feature, open Google Voice settings, select ‘Calls’ from the left pane, locate ‘Screen Calls’ and toggle the switch on. And you are ready to go!

Screen Calls Feature

4. Greetings Customization

You would be surprised to see the customization features allowed by Google Voice. When anyone calls you, you can decide the way greeting can be made. You are allowed to record a maximum of 3 minutes if the application is being used. In Safari, this recording can be only 1 minute long.

Make greeting formal or informal, it is absolutely up to you. To change it, go to Settings, open Voicemail section and tap on Voicemail Greeting. Now tap Record a greeting and by clicking on mic sign, start recording.

Greetings Customization

5. Spam Filteration

Irritated due to spam calls every day and unwanted mental torture? Google Voice is smart enough to filter out spam calls with some cool tweaks. It will automatically tell you that this call is likely to be spam, and you can avoid it totally.

Spam Filteration

Start with going to voice.google.com > go to Settings > Security > Filter Spam and toggle the switch on. In fact, you can also go for free call identification apps for Android when Google Voice is not available in your region.

Google Voice Is Your New Voice!

As you know that things are getting simpler using Google Voice, if your geographical region allows you to, there is no better option than it. Save time, money and private information and apply cool hacks with the use of it. Apart from the features mentioned above, you can even:

  • Find automatic transcription of every voicemail.
  • Archive or delete messages, calls and voicemails.
  • Call emergency services in times of need.
  • Buy credit to make calls.

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