How To Make International Voice Calls In Google Voice

Google Voice, Google’s calling services application is one of the finest consumer service applications, Google has ever designed. While the company has disbanded tons of Google’s services and features in the past years, Google Voice is still thriving for a decade now despite not having an international market segment.

Google Voice provides its users with a unique number that can be routed to multiple devices, thus helping users with the complicacy of handling more than one number. The services include free calling, sending SMS, call routing and forwarding, group texting, voicemail, and PC-to-phone calls. But, one of the Google Voice’s prominent features is the ability to make cheaper international calls. This is the reason Google Voice is predominantly famous among professionals and businessmen and is primarily available for G Suite consumers.

So, let’s learn a bit more about Google Voice and see how to make international voice calls in Google Voice.

What is Google Voice?

how to make international calls with google voice
Image Source: Google Support

Created in 2009, Google Voice was first launched as a call service application and web-based platform via which users can make or recieve calls and send text messages, and attain call forwarding services for free. Google Voice provides its users with a number that can be forwarded to your cell phones and mobiles. Using Google Voice back then helped users to merge their landlines and cellphones and abandon multiple smartphones. Later, cell phones with dual-SIM compatibility came into existence, and Google Voice services were overshadowed. In 2017, Google revamped the service and started focusing on it again.

Google Voice is currently available for all Google Account users in the United States. It is only available for G Suite consumers in select markets, including Canada, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Portugal, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden. It provides users with a separate telephone number for free. You can then set this number to be forwarded to multiple phone numbers you own. You can configure those numbers in the web portal of the Google Voice account.

Once configured, you can enjoy services such as group messaging, sending voicemail transcriptions, call recording, etc. for free. Making free domestic calls is also free in the US and Canada, whereas making international calls is chargeable at far cheaper rates than the other carriers. Other features include conference calling, PC-to-phone calling, number porting, switching configured devices during a call, and downloading voicemail transcripts.

How To Make International Calls on Google Voice Web?

Step 1: Visit Here.

Step 2: You can either choose from the contacts in your Google Account. Or you can click on the dialer icon on the top-left corner and dial your number. Ensure that you’ve entered the country code before making the call.

make international calls with google voice
Image Source: Google Cloud

Step 3: After you click the Phone icon, your call will go through. A voice message would notify you of the charges, you’ll have to bear per minute for that particular call. You can either accept the call and continue or reject it.

how to make international calls
Image Source: 9to5 Google

How to Make International Call on Google Voice App?

Step 1: Open the Google Voice App on your Android device.

Step 2: The app’s dialer screen looks like your regular dialer with call logs or contact list on-screen. Tap the dialer button in the app.

how to make international calls with google

Step 3: Type in the number with the country code, since it’s an international call.

Step 4: The call would go through, and you’ll be notified of the charges you’ll bear for that call.

google voice

Take Note. The Google Voice app on the iPhone has a similar interface and works the same way as it does on an Android device. Making international calls on Google Voice is chargeable, however, calling from the US to Canada is free.

In order to make international calls, you’ll be required to add credits to your Google Voice account. The per-minute rates for international calls on Google Voice vary according to the country you’re calling to. You can find Google Voice call rates here.

Making international calls on Google Voice is easy. Unfortunately, it’s not available everywhere, and it’s extensively used for professional and office purposes. The best part about making international calls on Google Voice is the cheaper rates. An average call anywhere would sometimes cost below $0.50 per minute, which is way less than your mobile carrier service provider would charge you.

Try out Google Voice and tell us how useful do you find it. Let us know of your experience if you are already an avid user of Google Voice. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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