Best International Calling Apps For Android Smartphones

One of the most important realities that one faces is in the knowledge that there’s no such thing as free lunch. Everything has a price and to avail them, one needs to pay. It may not be directly, but pay one has to. Hence, when we talk about making international calls with the help of apps on one’s Android smartphones, we know that there may be negligible call charges, the user is still paying for the data that they are using. Be it mobile data or home wi-fi, the data that is being uses, gets payed right through one’s pocket. Keeping this bitter reality in mind, we have created an extensive list of budget friendly international calling apps for Android smartphone users. All these applications use precious data and are comparatively cheaper than making calls via the cellular network.

Best International Calling Apps For Android

1. Rebtel


One of the giants in the telecommunication field, Rebtel makes calls across borders to over 50 countries cheap and easy on the pocket. All one needs to do to avail its services, is to subscribe on its site. It welcomes new users with a free $ 5 calling card after which one needs to maintain their total balance account. With call costs almost, a fraction less than other corporate tariffs, Rebtel is sure to become a favorite of the masses. It also acts like a free international calling app for Android as it offers its services across the United States Its Android compatibility varies with devices.

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2. KakaoTalk


One of the most fun International calling apps for Android on this list is KakaoTalk. With this app, not only can one make budget friendly International calls from Android smartphones to their near and dear ones across borders, but it also acts as the perfect messaging app. With emojis, photo sharing and voice notes apart from cheap calling, KakaoTalk is a must have app on one’s device. It even allows the user to enjoy group chat and play games via its in-app services. Its Android compatibility varies with devices.

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3. Tango


3G, 4G and Wi-Fi are keywords when it comes to making international calls on one’s Android device with Tango. This application has gained quite a fan following for giving high resolution video calls. To top it all, calls to USA and Canada have been made free! This has really made Tango quite famous. There are many features within the app which unfortunately do cost money, but the deals one gets make the bit payment worth it. Its Android compatibility varies from one device to another.

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4. GrooVe IP

GrooVe IP

One of the few apps on this list that uses Voip to make and receive calls. With GrooVe Ip, one can be sure that there are no call drops and the voice quality is excellent. This is because, it totally takes away any calls that involve minutes and mobile data and works its magic with the help of data. While many say that the internet is a quicksand of all things good, but VoiP facilities act as a lifesaver in such situations. It is easily compatible on Android with version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and above.

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5. Freetone Free Calls

Freetone Free Calls

With this amazing application one can forget there are any geographical borders that are in place and make almost free international calls to their loved ones. It does not charge anything, no credits, no hidden charges to make calls across America and Canada. Unfortunately, it does not cater to Alaska, Hawaii and some other territories. Apart from that, incoming calls are free for the first 500 minutes after which one shall need to pay a small extension fee. It also offers the users group chats, video calling, messaging but surprisingly does not support 911 calls. Its Android compatibility varies from one device to another.

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6. MagicApp

MagicApp- international calling apps

This app manages to marry Wi-Fi connection and telecommunication by merging international calls and emails. With a unique email account created on its portal, all the user needs to do is log in with their password and make and receive international calls for free. It removes all roaming charges due to its Wi-Fi use and also offers users messaging services. A must-have application, it is compatible on Android with 2.3 (Gingerbread) and above versions.

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7. WePhone


On our list for the best International calling apps for Android smartphone users, comes WePhone. This application in particular has zero configuration, and from the get go, it seems like the best international call app that is available on Google Play. it offers its users supreme voice clarity and nominal call rates. A must use application for those who want to make frequent international calls on their Android device. It is easily compatible with Android Ice Cream Sandwich or later versions.

Download Here 

8. Pinngle Messenger

Pinngle Messenger

This is a one-stop solution for all the issues related to international calling. With it, one can connect with loved ones without spending a huge sum of money as roaming charges. It offers a safe, secure and free way for communication which makes it a highly reliable application. With it, one can even follow the channels of their favorite bloggers, social activists, influencers, etc. as this application works wonderfully as a social media portal. Along with this app, one can avail services such as Pinngle Out, Callback, and Virtual Number services. All, at a very low price. Moreover, it offers easy access to make international calls, top quality voice calls, while keeping one’s device safe and secure. It also offers free texting and calling over Wi-fi to its patrons. Primarily designed to make international roaming easier for the people and provide them with a glitch-free interface that would initiate audio and video calling over the phone. Not only this, as you can connect with like-minded people through this platform, you can make new friends and interact with them easily. It is compatible on Android with Jelly Bean and later versions.

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9. Talkray

Talkray- best international calling app

Talkray is changing the way we communicate with our loved ones across different countries. It has brought an easy to use call service with which one can make international calls without worrying about the cost of international roaming. With this app, one can talk to multiple people at the same time and share messages with them with either a 3G or a Wi-fi connection. It is a convenient app with a simple interface and does not require high technical knowledge to access it which makes it reliable and user friendly. It offers a high international call quality while keeping the data usage quite low. Its Android compatibility varies with devices.

Download Here

10. Vonage Mobile

Vonage Mobile

Halfway through our list of International Calling Apps on Android comes Vonage Mobile. This application is easy to use and gives the users a premium HD quality voice calling option. Once the application has been downloaded on to one’s Android device, all it needs is a registration and subscription so that there are no chances of any calls being dropped. This application works over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks and offers the users access to make budget friendly international calls to 50+ countries. With it, one can make video calls, free messaging and even host free group messages with 5 different devices anywhere in the world. Additionally, it Requires Android 2.3. (Gingerbread) and up in terms of compatibility.

There you have it folks! Remove geographical differences and call your family, your loved ones and acquaintances alike without any major significant cost. All this is possible by downloading and choosing a glitch-free international calling apps for Android. This medium allows one to communicate without having to hold oneself back and worrying about the costs incurred. Download the app that suits you the best right away!

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