6 Common Types Of Scams And How To Avoid Them

One of the disadvantages of the Internet is that you cannot trust all you see online. Malicious actors use the internet to satisfy their gains by conducting scams and frauds. This article will highlight the common scams that fool netizens and rob them of their hard-earned money.

Different Types Of Scams And How To Avoid Them

1. Phony Donations Scam


Scams that take advantage of people’s basic human need to help others are particularly heinous. Avast researchers recently discovered a donation fraud that uses a video of a little child beseeching the viewer to donate to her family while she battles cancer.

This young girl, who may or may not be ill and could not consent in either case, is also being exploited in addition to the viewers. Other contribution frauds include phony charity phone calls and crowdfunding projects that don’t genuinely benefit the intended beneficiaries.

2. Tech Support Phishing Scam


If you have ever been the victim of a tech support scam, you have probably received a call, email, or direct message claiming a computer issue. These con artists approach the victim and threaten dire consequences for their device if they don’t grant them access to it immediately. They frequently assume the identity of an official corporate representative, such as one from Avast.

They target older people because they believe they will have more resources and less technical skills than younger ones. If you haven’t contacted a legitimate tech support agent already, they won’t. Therefore, if you receive a call or message of this nature, just drop the call and ignore the message.

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3. Cryptocurrency Con Artists


Because bitcoin is so prevalent in the news, so few people understand it, and because it’s supposed to be untraceable, it’s a lucrative market for con artists. It appears that cryptocurrency is the new “gift card” of payment options for con artists.

The simplest way to avoid falling for a cryptocurrency scam is to ignore any cryptocurrency-related advice from somebody you only know online. There are reputable coaches, but they are hidden beneath a mountain of fraudsters who will blatantly steal your money. Don’t let anyone else handle your money, stay on reputable trading exchanges, and avoid investing in sites that people recommend you to.

4. Romantic Fraud


Romance scams prey on those yearning for love and connection and are among the most prevalent and traditional frauds. The con artist contacts the victim through dating sites, social media, or even text messages and starts a conversation. Once the victim believes they are in love, the con artist creates a scenario where the victim is forced to give money or items.

Because everyone wants to fall in love, romance scams may be challenging. However, the best way to prevent falling for this particular scam is to never, ever pay money to someone you only know online. Of course, you want to help someone you care about, so it is tempting!

5. Rental Fraud


Online rental scams have existed for a long time; I almost fell for one in 2011. By advertising bogus apartments for significantly less than market value, they take advantage of people who are genuinely desperate for a cheap place to live.

The victim is then pressured into sending a deposit without seeing the apartment. Not unwilling to pass up a great opportunity, the victim transfers the money, and the con artist vanishes.

How To Avoid Falling Prey To Scams


Just like Mother Nature has provided the Prey animals with many techniques (Speed, Camouflage, Metal Agility, etc.) to protect them from Predators, there are a few ways to protect internet users from scammers. Here are the most important that you should follow:

  1. Use a real-time antivirus that will protect your PC at all times.
  2. Use a VPN to mask your IP address, online activities, and credentials.
  3. Use a Password Manager to protect all your credentials in a safe digital vault.
  4. Do not click on suspicious emails, ads, links, or downloads.
  5. Do not go after freebies, as giving freebies is a way to lure netizens into a trap.
  6. Read all the terms and conditions before making a financial transaction online.
  7. Remember the ABC rule – Always Be Cautious.

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Avoiding exploitation

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One of the major security issues in today’s networked society is the potential for sophisticated assaults. The best method to reduce these hazards is to use a cutting-edge program like T9 Antivirus and malware protection software, which provides real-time security and many defenses. Before data is compromised, security technology recognizes dangers and successfully combats them.

Your Thoughts On The Six Common Types Of Scams And How To Avoid Them

I hope you now know the different types of scams you can fall prey to and how to avoid them. No software will protect you 100%, and your safety is in the amount of caution you exercise while surfing the net. T9 antivirus is one of the few real-time antivirus apps that monitor your computer constantly and detect malicious and suspicious activities before they can harm your PC.

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