How To Clean Unnecessary Files On Windows PC

Every PC has files that they do not need and can be deleted to save valuable storage  space. However most of the computer users do not know how to remove unnecessary files and free up storage space. Although cleaning your computer or optimization is a long process and has many aspects, this short guide will explain swift and simple methods on how to remove junk files and clear cache files.

How To Clean Unnecessary Files on Your Windows PC


Before we set about cleaning and removing unnecessary files on the PC to free up storage space, let us understand what these files are and how to remove them.

Type of Unnecessary Files

What Are They?

Removal Process


Junk Files

Junk files, cache files, and other misc. files accumulate for some specific reason at a point in time and are no longer needed. Advanced PC Cleanup


Temporary Files

Files required during the installation or execution of an application are created during the process and not needed later. Manual Process/ Advanced PC Cleanup


Redundant Downloads`

Old files that have been downloaded ages ago and are now lost and forgotten in the sectors of your HDD Manual Process/ Advanced PC Cleanup


Uninstall Apps

Like files, many apps installed previously but no longer used remain on your PC occupying space Manual Process/ Advanced PC Cleanup


Duplicate Images

Duplicate Images comprise the major percentage of unnecessary files on any PC that cannot be removed easily. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

1. Junk Files

Junk Files are those files that are generally related to your online browsing activities. These include cache and cookies that store information to assist the browser to load faster and display web pages swiftly. Although some experts argue against removing Junk files as they speed up certain activities on your computer, most experts support removing them as they clog the resources and more of them have know to slow down the browser application itself. 

There is no definite manual method to remove junk files and using a third-party optimization software like Advanced PC Cleanup can help reduce the time and effort to remove junk files.

2. Temporary Files

Files that are used during installation, execution of an app or a specific task are known as temporary files, As the name suggests these files are required only during a definite process and then discarded later. However, most of the temporary files do not get deleted and accumulate in your PC. 

These files can be removed manually by deleting the files from the Temp folder in Windows or by using Advanced PC Cleanup that requires a few mouse clicks to eliminate all the temporary files in your PC.

3. Redundant Downloads

Speaking of redundant files, these old and unused files may not always be unnecessary and can prove to be useful. This category of unnecessary files refers to those files that have been downloaded a long time ago. If you set out to locate old files manually then it is going to take a lot of time and you probably will not be able to locate all of them.

Advanced PC Cleanup helps users scan and detect all the old and redundant files in the PC with ease. It presents the results in a list within the app interface and does not require users to manually search each and every folder on the PC.

4. Uninstall Apps

Like files, there can be programs that are old and have not been used in a while. If these programs are removed then it will save valuable space on your Hard Drive and also speed up your system. Applications can be removed by using the Windows default “Add Remove Programs” feature or can also be uninstalled by using Advanced PC Cleanup.

5. Duplicate Images

Every PC has Duplicate Images because images are the most collected and viewed media files of all. These snapshots consist of memorable moments that are often shared among friends and family. And that is the reason why you can find multiple copies of almost every image on your PC as you might have shared them using different social media apps. Each app creates its own share of temp files and thumbnails resulting in duplicates. 

There is no manual process of removing duplicate images and can only be removed by using a powerful duplicate photo finder app like Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

Advanced PC Cleanup: A Brief Description

Advanced PC Cleanup by Systweak is one of the best Windows PC optimization applications for removing trash files, incorrect registry entries, clearing up disc space, and boosting RAM and CPU speed. It also gets rid of the cache, cookies, and any traces of identity theft. Not only that, but it also checks your Windows operating system for malware, spyware, and other threats. It also aids in the speeding up of startup times, the deletion of applications, and the cleaning up of old downloads. The following is a list of chores that you should complete while optimizing your computer.

Remove Junk Files: Advanced PC Cleanup contains a dedicated module for removing junk files from your computer’s hard disk’s buried depths.

Remove Junk Files

Temporary Files Should Be Removed: This program analyses your hard drive for temporary files and shows a list of them that can be eliminated with a few mouse clicks.

Temporary Files

Delete the Registry: Advanced PC Cleanup identifies and removes broken and unwanted Registry entries with ease.

Keep your startup apps up to date: Advanced PC Cleanup is the suggested tool for managing startup items on your PC and the greatest solution for making your Windows 10 PC faster.

Delete Redundant Apps: Advanced PC Cleanup has a distinct module that allows users to easily remove unnecessary software.

Delete Redundant Apps

Delete any old files:  Advanced PC Tuneup can help you speed up your Windows 10 PC by searching for and removing obsolete files.

Delete any old files

Advanced PC Cleanup’s Malware feature: It removes malware from your computer, saving you time, effort, and money on a separate antivirus product.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro: Remove Duplicates With Ease

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro (DPF) is a third-party photo cleaner that works across all major platforms, including Windows, Android, Mac OS X, and iOS. This duplicate photo finding software is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface. It includes functions such as:

Find Duplicates

Find Duplicates

The Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro uses an algorithm that compares the content rather than the names to scan, locate, and erase duplicate photographs on your PC.

Similarity is detected

The powerful algorithm in the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro detects similar and almost identical photographs, as well as exact duplicate images.

External Devices

This application allows users to scan external discs as well as internal hard drives, saving time and effort from having to convert the content of external drives to internal drives and then scanning them.

Duplicate Images Are Automatically Marked

Duplicate Images

The Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro allows users to auto-mark duplicate photos while keeping the original.

Modes of Comparison

Modes of Comparison

Users of Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro can choose between scanning modes by changing the filters such as matching levels, time intervals, and GPS.

The Final Word On 5 Useful & Quick Tips To Clean Unnecessary Files On Windows

Windows PC needs optimization in order to run smoothly and perform efficiently to its optimal level. Cleaning unnecessary files is a small part of the huge optimization process and is very important as it helps to recover storage space and speeds up your PC due to reducing the number of files. Advanced PC  Cleanup & Duplicate Photos Pro Fixer are two wonder apps for any PC that will help to optimize the computer, recover lost storage space and organize your photo gallery as well. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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