How To Switch To Chrome Safe Mode On Windows & Mac

In case you are struggling with a Chrome browser that crashes abruptly & refuses to execute your commands, then maybe you need to start Chrome in Safe Mode. Using this feature, you can secure your data & protect your privacy while being online.

Unlike Google Chrome, several Popular Web Browsers offer Safe Mode that temporarily deactivates all the installed extensions, not required to use the browser. Hence speed up the slower devices without using many resources.

So, without further ado, let’s learn how to enable Chrome Safe Mode?

IMPORTANT: Before You Enable The Safe Mode On Google Chrome:

Understand That: Enabling the private browsing mode erases temporary data captured by the device you are using.  But it doesn’t block your IP Address from tracking any traces. When you log into your account on a website, no matter if you are into a Safe Mode, these websites can still collect data related to all your online activities.

Therefore, consider using a VPN if you want more privacy and retain complete anonymity or data security. Try using Systweak VPN  for Windows that proffers powerful protection, helps users secure private data like Bank Details, Credit Card Information, Passwords, and other data.

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chrome safe mode

How Do You Activate Chrome’s Safe Mode On Windows PC?

To use Google Chrome in Safe Mode, follow the step by step instructions below:

STEP 1- Launch Chrome browser and hit the (three-horizontal dots) icon on the upper-right corner.

STEP 2- Click on the option: New Incognito Window!

STEP 3- Start browsing privately!  

Alternatively, you can press the Chrome Safe Mode shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + N) to switch to Incognito mode without following the steps mentioned above from Browser’s settings.

Alternate Way To Launch Google Chrome In Safe Mode:

There’s another trick to switch to Google Chrome in Incognito Mode, just follow the steps below:

STEP 1- Launch the Run Window. (You can press Windows key + R altogether).

STEP 2- In the Run window, type chrome.exe -incognito and press the Enter button. 

Google Chrome In Safe Mode

This way, you’ll be able to launch Chrome in Incognito automatically!

How Do You Create A Shortcut For Google Chrome Incognito Mode?

If you wish to create a desktop shortcut that automatically opens the Chrome Browser in Safe Mode, follow the steps below:

STEP 1- Make a copy of an existing Google Chrome Shortcut from your desktop.

STEP 2- Simply right-click on the shortcut and navigate go to its Properties. 

STEP 3- Now head towards the Target filed and set the value -incognito at the last of the path. (Add a space before typing the entry.)

Shortcut For Google Chrome Incognito Mode

Click the OK button to save the changes. Now every time you launch this shortcut, Google Chrome will be launched in Safe Mode.

How To Launch Google Chrome Safe Mode With Add-Ons?

As we’ve just learnt that in Google Chrome, the Safe Mode automatically deactivates the add-ons. However, there’s a way where you can also enable certain extensions and still run the browser in Incognito.

STEP 1- Go to the Chrome Browser’s settings.

STEP 2- Click on More Tools menu > Extensions. 

STEP 3- Now, you can Enable & Disable the extensions and add-ons.

How Do You Activate Chrome’s Safe Mode

This way, you can enjoy Chrome Safe mode with certain add-ons enabled.

Note: Remember Chrome Safe Mode, does not allow running extensions. This means if you try to enable/disable add-ons, you will be automatically switched to Normal Mode. In case, you are still looking for this functionality, try using Mozilla Firefox!

How Do You Activate Chrome’s Safe Mode On Mac?

To run Google Chrome in Incognito Mode, all you have to do this:

STEP 1- From the Chrome browser window, click on the File option from the menu. 

STEP 2- Now, choose New Incognito Mode.

STEP 3- Start browsing privately! 

Alternatively, you can press the Chrome Safe Mode shortcut (SHIFT + CMD + N) to switch to Incognito mode without following the steps mentioned above from Browser’s settings.

How Can I Automatically Launch Google Chrome In Incognito?

Follow the instructions below to launch Chrome in Safe Mode every time you open the browser on Mac:

STEP 1- Open the Launchpad > go to the Others folder & run Script Editor.

STEP 2- Now on the New Document, copy and paste the code:

do shell script “open -a /Applications/Google\\ –args –incognito”

Launch Google Chrome In Incognito

STEP 3- Hit the command and go to the File menu to save the file.  

STEP 4- Rename the file to Safe Mode on Chrome or similar and choose its File Format as Application. 

STEP 5- Save the file! 

STEP 6- Close the Script Editor and open Finder to run the newly created script.

STEP 7 – Go to the iCloud Drive > You need to open the Script Editor folder and double-click on the Script file ‘Safe Mode on Chrome’ that you’ve just created. 

Prefer To Watch? Click Here To Watch This Video Tutorial & Learn How To Enable Google Chrome In Safe Mode?


  • comment_avtar
    Mridula Nimawat
    Shortcut for Incognito is very important.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    David Morrison
    Never knew that Browsers too have a Safe Mode. Thanks for Sharing!

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    No one
    Guys, about “How Do You Create A Shortcut For Google Chrome Incognito Mode?” I found out when I did added “-incognito” BUT not about Chrome (that is work) except Brave browser is no longer to use “-incognito”?! What is it going on? Is Brave block “-incognito”?

    3 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Krishan Vijay
      Hello, the shortcut for incognito mode in Chrome for Windows, Linux, Chrome OS is CTRL + SHIFT + N, whereas for Mac it is ? + Shift + N. Thank you.

      3 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    What the hell is wrong with you? That’s not safe mode! Safe mode means all extensions and other optional functionality are disabled, used to troubleshoot problems. Good job confusing people. So much for being geeks. SMH

    3 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Krishan Vijay
      I agree with what you say. However, sometimes users get confused while managing extensions with Chrome Safe Mode. That’s why we have added an Extra Note about what will happen when you try to run add-ons in Safe Mode.

      3 years ago

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