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As an iPhone user, aren’t you enjoying dark mode after iOS 13 update? But what if we tell you that there is so much more that has been included in the update. There are settings that could have skipped or not highlighted. , Well, you tweak these settings now and enjoy the most of it. The biggest change yet came along with the iOS update in October and people are still not aware of the big changes. Features like voiceenabled search and Safari settings you must try on your iPhone. There are others that you might have missed and here we present to you with the same.

List of iOS 13 Settings to Improve Usage :

Remember you need to have the iOS update for using these features. Let’s discuss the features and settings that are added on your iPhone after iOS 13.

1. Shake to Undo Feature:

This is a beneficial feature, which will get to use the phone gestures to undo while editing. Using the Notes app or a typing text, you can enable this feature and enjoy the easy use. It is one of the useful Accessibility features which have been added with iOS 13 update. To enable the Shake-to-undo on your iPhone, go to the Settings app.

Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Shake to Undo Button. Turn on the Toggle switch, and you can use the feature now.

Shake to undo Feature

Once you have enabled the gesture, to try it, you can open the notes app and write text. Once you shake the phone, you will see that the last action gets removed. To redo the action, shake it once again. Refer to the gif below:

shake undo

2. Silence Calls From Unknown :

Block all those telemarketing calls from annoying you with this feature. You must have always wished for it to stop these ever interrupting calls from the unknown on your phone. So with the update on iPhone, if you are receiving a call from an unknown number, it will not ring. The phone numbers which are not saved in your contacts list are recognized as unknown by your iPhone. Thus, the feature will stop you from getting disturbed. Get this feature working with the simple steps below:

Settings> Phone> Silence Unknown callers.

Silence calls from unknown

As you turn on the toggle switch for Silence Unknown Callers, the feature is enabled on your iPhone. It is when you will receive a call from an unknown number the next time, it will not interrupt you.

3. Location Data Permissions:

A number of apps request permissions for several settings on the phone. It includes the location permissions too, which can be a little prying. To stop all this, you get a feature to disable the location data permission for the apps present on your iPhone.  To check which apps are using the location permission on your iPhone, follow these steps.

Location Data Permissions

Now you can choose from When Using the App, Never and Ask Next Time. Along with this, you will receive notifications over a period of time which apps on your iPhone are using location services. This will keep you aware of the iPhone settings being used correctly.

Learn More on: How to control location permission on iPhone.

4. Bluetooth Access Control:

Bluetooth access must be controlled for the apps on your iPhone. As personal data can be put on the risk of being shared with others if the Bluetooth is turned on at all times. The new privacy feature on the iOS 13 update brings you control over Bluetooth to be used by specified apps only. You can change the apps from the list with these settings.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap on Privacy.
  • Tap on Bluetooth.
  • Toggle the switch on in front of the apps, which you wish to be able to use Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Access Control

5. Remove location from Images:

A lot of important information is saved on the metadata of the images. This includes the camera type, time, date, and location too. When you are sharing the images online or with another device, it might circulate all the information attached to it. This can be a little dangerous as the information can be misused to spot your location. With the iOS 13 update, you get to remove the location from images. Follow the steps to ensure that the location of your device is not added to the image metadata.

  • Go to the Photos app.
  • Open the image to edit.
  • Click on the Share button from the bottom-left.
  • Click on the options below the photo.
  • Turn off the All Photos data.

Remove location from Images

6. Optimize Battery Charging:

Optimizing battery usage is a very useful feature, but often this keeps you from charging the phone up to max. This feature is enabled by default on your iPhone to improve battery life. But if you are facing any issues or you need to charge your phone up to 100% then disable this iPhone feature. To disable the feature, follow the steps below:

  • Open Settings App.
  • Tap on Battery.
  • Go to Battery Health.
  • Turn off the toggle switch for Optimize Battery Charging.
  • Select one of the options shown on the pop-up message- Turn Off Until tomorrow to keep this feature disabled for 24 hours. Turn Off to disable the feature completely until you make changes to settings again.

Optimize battery Charging

7. Safari Website Settings:

A number of Safari Settings are also changed with this iOS update. You can check the change on the Safari app on your iPhone. The reader’s mode has a number of changes made on the iPhone settings. Open a web page on the Safari app, and then click on the Top-left aA option to view newly introduced options.

It includes the font size, Reader’s view, Request Desktop Website.

Safari Website Settings

Another feature is Website Settings, where you can change the particular settings to open on desktop mode. Also, the Reader mode will be turned on automatically from this setting for the sites.



There are the must-try settings for your iPhone after the iOS 13 update. Other interesting additions include Radio on iPhone.

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