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Apple’s in-built app FaceTime is pretty much loved by the users, and they can instantly connect with their friends using Apple devices like iPhone, iPad or Mac (even Apple Watch supports FaceTime audio). The fantastic video quality, crystal clear sound, easy connectivity and most importantly, security are some of the things that make FaceTime everyone’s favorite. So good that even Android users tend to ask, ‘Can I use FaceTime on Android?’ Oh dear, we will give you all your answers rights here. Keep scrolling down.

Can You Use FaceTime On Android?


Unfortunately, No! Neither one can FaceTime on Android, nor there is any likely option coming soon. Moreover, note that if you search FaceTime on Google Play Store and find similar applications, they are not Apple’s official application. Beware of any sketchy application that might even drop down malware in the system.

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So if you cannot use FaceTime on Android, what are the other options? Well, multiple other FaceTime alternatives help in making video calls from iOS to Android devices without any glitch. Let us give you a quick insight about best FaceTime alternatives right here.

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Top 5 FaceTime Alternatives For Android Users

1. Skype



Instant messages, audio calls and video calls come handy with Skype being installed in your Android phone. No need to ask ‘Can I use FaceTime on Android’ as Skype possesses all the features that you want. We all are aware of Skype’s existence. It allows you to connect up to 25 people at a time!

Desktop or mobile phone, its easy connectivity makes it unique and cross-platform friendly at the same time.

Download: Skype


2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger


Facebook is also ahead in the list of providing alternatives of FaceTime in the form of Facebook Messenger. It also works cross-platform, allows sending images, videos, emojis while making chatting simpler. And if anyone of you wishes to add a filter in the video call, you can do that as well. Exciting, right?

It lets 50 people assemble at the same time. What makes Messenger interesting is that it eliminates the need for sharing personal mobile numbers and keeps privacy intact.

Download: Facebook Messenger

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3. Google Duo

Google Duo


All those who are looking for a change in their video calls regime or simply asking can we use Facetime on Android; Google Duo is simply the best option. Missing your loved ones or cannot attend an event where your family has joined together, Google Duo them and get connected.

A group call can be made with up to 12 people, but the cross-platform connection makes it a great choice amongst the users. Even before you pick up the call, you can see the way you are looking and become presentable, as and how required.

Download: Google Duo


4. Tango



There might not be FaceTime available for Android users; Tango is no less than perfection. Tango is a live interactive platform to make communication with existing and new friends. Show your talent or hobbies and earn fans, gifts and money. How cool? The live-stream would also be giving you the option to chat online and add cool filters along.

Download: Tango

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5. Imo



Even if FaceTime is not there for Android users, Imo is capable of connecting 20 people at a time on the video call. Make a live conversation with your friends, colleagues or family members, no matter where you are sitting right now. These video calls are high in quality and let you share photos and videos instantly. Moreover, hundreds of stickers come along to make your chats and video calls interactive. That sounds good, eh!

Download: Imo


We are sure that we have cleared your doubts if you can use FaceTime on Android or not. Even though you cannot, its alternatives are super cool with additional features like live chatting, adding filters, etc. that are not present in FaceTime. Are you ready to rock and roll with FaceTime alternatives? Which alternative do you like? Let us know your views in the comment section below.

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