FaceTime Not Working On Mac ? Here’s What You Need To Do!

Calls dropping as soon as they start on FaceTime? Or is there an activation error while signing in your FaceTime? Whatever be it, do not panic as this guide will explain all the fixes when FaceTime is not working on Mac.

A few things may need to be checked before jumping to the solutions.

  • FaceTime is supported by your carrier
  • Active internet connection.

If the above conditions are satisfied and yet there are glitches, it could be because of random system errors, incorrect device settings, errors due to macOS installation updates, or unwanted bugs. Yet thanks to the guide that explains all the possible solutions when Facetime keeps failing or not working properly.


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How to Fix FaceTime Not Working On Mac

Fix 1: Quit & Restart Facetime

Sometimes random apps glitches or bugs intrude in the system and start interrupting with the flow of FaceTime. This is why your first course of action needs to be restarting the app. For this,

> On your Launchpad, type Activity Monitor.

> Select FaceTime.

> Double click on it and select Quit. When asked, select Force Quit.

Relaunch: Once closed, go to Finder and select FaceTime. Relaunch the app from here. It has the most chances for FaceTime to revive back to normal.

Fix 2: Check The Internet Connection

Usually, when there is a minor issue in internet connection, FaceTime helps itself by disconnecting and reconnecting back again. But if you forgot to check the Wi-Fi sign at the Mac and thinking why FaceTime is not working on Mac, you need to rewind.

Check your menu bar and locate the icon to find if your Wi-Fi connection is ready. If you cannot see the icon, go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Network Panel. Here, select your Wi-Fi network. For better results, disconnect your Wi-Fi connection and restart the computer. Meanwhile, restart your router as well.

As the system gets back to it, connect your Wi-Fi, open your browser and test various websites (if they are running). If not, contact your service provider.

Fix 3: Check Date & Time On Mac

When date and time are not configured according to your time zone, there is a huge possibility that FaceTime keeps failing or a call fails overnight. To resolve this problem, go to the following steps.

Click on the Apple icon from the menu bar on top > System Preferences > Date & Time.

FaceTime Not Working On Mac

Tick mark on the option ‘Set date and time automatically’, if not. Now recheck if date and time are absolutely according to your location. However, if the option is greyed out, adjust the time a little earlier than your wall clock.

Fix 4: Check Phone Number & Email Address

Still, FaceTime keeps disconnecting? No worries, if you FaceTime is not working on Mac, then you must check your phone number and email address. It might be your typing error or logged in by your siblings earlier who forgot to keep your credentials the way they should be. An error denoting the same is also likely to happen.

So open FaceTime on Mac > choose FaceTime from the menu bar > Preferences > as the menu drops down, Start new calls and once again, check if the email and phone number is correctly mentioned.

Fix 5: Clear Out Cache

For this, open your Finder window > enter the command: ~/Library/Caches > Go > Select all the folders by pressing Command + A > now press Command + Delete > Enter your password, and it’s done!

Clear Out Cache

Alternatively, using a smart tool like Disk Clean Pro can even let you clear the cache without going through the process above. Apart from this, keeping your system clean and optimized is a huge necessity if any of the apps or FaceTime is not working. The best way to do the same is using Disk Clean Pro that even removes system and user cache files and keeps the system running as well as optimized for the smooth functioning of the system. Moreover, it can clean up the identity traces from the browser and keep you safe from the online trackers.

disk clean pro

Get Disk Clean Pro from here.


Fix 6: Change/Edit DNS Settings

Configuring or editing DNS settings can resolve the issue of FaceTime not working. This chance could be taken by going through:

Apple icon > System Preferences > Network > choose your WiFi connection > Advanced button > DNS tab.

Here, click on the ‘+’ button to add a new DNS server. If you wish to add Google’s open DNS, type & Press OK!

This is probably going to solve the problem of FaceTime keeps ending as soon as it connects or if not working at all.


Have you checked all the solutions for FaceTime not working? Which one worked for you? Let us know in the comment section below. Along with this, we even have FaceTime alternatives for you if the glitch is not resolving. For more information, check out:

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