Best Speed Reading Apps (iOS and Android)

Did you know that unlike what we’ve been told from our childhood, slow reading doesn’t help you understand things faster? That’s because when you are reading slowly, your attention is likely to wander since you give your brain the space to think about other things while trying to read slowly. This isn’t good, if you are studying for your exams or have to grasp the context of something in a shorter span of time.

Think you need to hone your “Speed Reading” skills? Thankfully “Speed Reading” is a skill you can easily acquire with the help of speed reading apps that are easily available on Android and iOS smartphones. So, here are some of the best speed-reading apps for both Android and iOS users.

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Best Speed Reading Apps for Android and iOS

1. Speed Reading – Reader

Speed Reading - Reader

At the outset, the speed-reading app for Android gives you a text that you have to carefully read. At the end when you are done with the text, you will have to answer 5 questions based on which the app will measure your reading speed and comprehension level.

Notable Features

  • Check reading speed in words per minute (WPM)
  • Various eye and concentration exercises
  • See the significance of each exercise by tapping on “i” icon
  • Add books or other text from your library
  • Track weekly or monthly progress


  • Occasional crashes

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2. Outread


Outread is a speed reading app for iOS users. Here is how it helps you improve your reading – It helps you focus on small chunks of text at a time. Once you have made some progress, you can sync your preferences, library, and reading stats between the other devices you use. You can also select a font that suits your reading condition.

Notable Features

  • Exercises to improve eidetic memory, peripheral vision, chunking ability and short-term memory
  • Flashing Mode helps keep focused phrase at the center of the screen
  • Highlighting Mode lets you follow the highlighter along the page
  • Monitor progress with reading stats
  • See images in the text even during speed reading


  • The option to link to virtual library is missing

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3. Speed Reading – brain training

Speed Reading - brain training

This is yet another application that can help you increase your reading speed. Speed Reading uses selected simulators that help you quickly memorize both words and numbers. Subsequently, you enhance your field of view, and your ability to concentrate and as a result increase your reading speed. It comes with a built-in calendar that further helps you keep track of your day-wise progress.

Notable Features

  • Develop speed reading skills using your favorite books
  • Selected simulators will help in memorizing words and numbers
  • Special courses and sets to boost training efficiency
  • Different reading modes
  • Read books in formats such as epub, fb2, and text


  • In-app ads can block you from reading a book

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4. Speed Reading: Schulte Table

Schulte Table

Speed Reading: Schulte Table trains your brain in a way that you can expand your peripheral vision, something which is of utmost importance for those who play FPS games, student drivers, and others. Makers of this app recommend that you use it 3 minutes a day and you will be able to improve your vision and thereby speed reading skills.

Notable Features

  • Enhanced vision with Schulte Table
  • Improved thinking ability
  • Check your daily, weekly, and all-time rank as compared to other users in the world
  • Improve your FPS/ TPS gameplay by grasping the position and situation of the enemy


  • The interface could have been better

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5. Reading Trainer

Reading Trainer

Reading Trainer is a speed reading Android app that contains a bunch of fun and challenging exercises that can help you improve your reading speed. Here you can select a specific goal – read more content within a specific time frame, improve retention and comprehension, and reduce the amount of time reading.

Notable Features

  • Choose the type of content you wish to read faster based on your interest
  • Get a personalized curriculum based on your preferences
  • Choose from various exercises such as Word pairs, Numbers, Word search, etc
  • Track progress with the help of stats


  • A limited number of exercises in the free version

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6. Speed Reading: read faster!

read faster!

Speed Reading: Read Faster is one of the best speed reading apps for iOS as it helps train both your attention span as well as memory. Moreover, the app is also beneficial in developing vocabulary as well.

Notable Features

  • Memory training to quickly memorize words and numbers
  • Choose from several speed reading exercises across categories like reading, motivators, training, etc
  • Courses for all these categories
  • Expand the field of view


  • Presence of ads in the free version

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Boost Your Reading Speed With Best Speed Reading Apps

By honing speed reading skills, you can accomplish several tasks more efficiently. You can breeze through academic texts, absorb information from research papers swiftly, devour novels in record time, stay updated with the latest news articles, and enhance your overall productivity in both professional and personal endeavors.

All in all, speed reading skills enable you to process information rapidly, grasp key concepts effectively, and manage your time more wisely in today’s fast-paced world. As an Android or iOS user, which of the above speed-reading apps would you pick for your device? Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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