7 Best Brain Training Apps For Android & iOS

We are well aware that mobile phones can give a boost to our productivity, yet we ignore this and spend most of our time on social platforms. Though mobile phone apps can be used for education and brain training as well, not many have  taken the initiative to develop efficient apps. However, the scenario is changing now, a few best brain training apps are being designed for both iOS and Android users.

Some of the best brain exercise apps claim that they will help you unleash unlimited power of your brain. Impressive indeed! Experts have reported that these apps can help the students who cannot afford top-notch training. Are you excited to know about these apps? If yes, you are at one-stop destination for the same. Read the blog and get enlightened about the same!

Best Brain Training Apps for Android and iOS

1. Elevate – Brain Training Games

Elevate – Brain Training

This one is available for both Android and iOS users. Being free initially, it is one of the most preferred app for brain training. It improves attention, communication skills, memory, problem solving skills and more. Each person can have his or her own personalized training program that gets adjusted with continuous usage so that you obtain maximum results. You can also enhance your experience and opt for in-app purchase options as well.

2. Left vs Right: Brain Games

Left vs Right-Brain Games

Though this is not highly popular because of weekly subscription, otherwise it is not far behind in terms of performance. It has 40+ games that are divided under categories, namely Awareness, Adaptability, Reflex, Reasoning, Precision and Patience. There are two types of games in this VIP and regular and you can play them after paying in tokens. The tokens required are earned by watching short videos. Both Android and iOS users can have access to brain exercise app.

3. Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer

This app is top ranked in the education category (in more than 90 countries) and has 18 millions downloads. In this, 60+games and 500+ workout sessions are available so that you can get the results you are expecting. It is said to improve memory, problem solving, visual-spatial and other vital areas in which majority of people have problem. We’ll leave rest of the information for you to explore. You can download it for iOS devices to improvise power of your brain.

4. Memorado Brain Training Games

Memorado Brain Training Games

The creators believe that strong brain leads to a happier life. It has over 4 million users across the globe and is reported to enhance memory, concentration and reaction skills. Also, you can challenge your friends in this to check who is the sharpest among you guys! It has top-notch graphics that enhance user-experience and do not leave you disappointed. You can download the Android compatible app from here and iOS compatible one from here.

5. Lumosity- Brain Training

Lumosity- Brain Training

This app has a fan base of over 90 million people. You can enjoy daily workout that has puzzle games, logic games, problem solving games, critical thinking games and many more! With these, recognizing cognitive patterns is easy. Moreover, you get to know about your strengths and weaknesses as well. Yes, you have to make in-app purchases to enhance your experience, but you won’t regret investing in it. They are available for Android and iOS phones so that a major section of population across the globe can play and upgrade the capability of their brain.

6. Brain It On

Brain It On

For the physics enthusiasts who rarely find anything relevant to their experience, this is nothing less than a miracle. It has dozens of puzzles which require you to use your knowledge and creativity both. As there is no single solution to these, you can play them again and again to unlock the possible number of solutions for one puzzle. It is free initially, but you can invest in in-app purchases as well. This is counted in list of the best brain training apps, and being available for Android and iOS users makes it even more popular.

7. Roll The Ball

Roll The Ball

It is a puzzle which is simple yet enough addictive. All you have to do in this is move by creating a path. It sounds simple but boggles your mind like every other app in this list. It is preferred because there is no time limit to complete a stage and this is one of those games that is  available offline as well. If you want play the best brain exercise apps, then this one should be on your list. The Android users can download it from Play Store and iOS users can do the same from iTunes.

Although this is not an exhaustive list of brain training apps, the most loved ones are mentioned here. There are several others that fall under the category of best brain training apps, but these are by far the best in the league. Therefore, we’ll suggest you to choose one from these so that you notice a remarkable change.

Don’t forget to tell us if we have not mentioned your favorite brain training apps, we’ll love to include them in our list!

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