11 Best Self-Improvement YouTube Channels You Must Follow

“To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities” — Bruce Lee

We often tend to lose ourselves in the hectic schedules. Meeting up a friend for coffee or giving yourself a gym break are great ways to rewind yourself but motivation to keep you going is definitely necessary as well. We are considering that you want to know some of the best self-improvement YouTube channels through this post, so that you are never demotivated and even if it has been bogged down, these self-improvement YouTube channels can take care of you.

Best Self-Improvement YouTube Channels

1. Improvement Pill

YouTube channel: Improvement Pill

Improvement Pill

Love animation and some fun? This YouTube self improvement channel is only for you! Its videos are designed to help you improve your mental health, physical health, immunity, and much more.

Do you want to feel happy again? Do you want to become rich? If you have got so many questions in your head and you need a path to answer them all, start spending some time with Improvement Pill from today!

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2. TEDx Talks

YouTube Channel: TEDx Talks

TEDx Talks

Learn the real-life stories of people who have reached this stage fearlessly with this self-improvement YouTube channel. When these speakers talk to you, they leave you with an impression of motivation that came after loads of hardships. If you think your problems are biggest, try TEDx now!

3. Calm Sage

 YouTube Channel: Calmsage

Calm Sage

Begun very recently, what attracts a viewer towards this channel is it’s approach of self-improvement. From podcasts to mood trackers, webinars to beautiful videos, you are surely going to feel livelier with one visit over here.

Every week, there is a new upload on most required topics like helping a friend in stress, controlling your anger, etc. which are certainly helpful for an easy-going life.

4. The School Of Life

 YouTube channel: The School Of Life

The School Of Life

We never grow too old to learn something new in life. Challenges are abundant, and so are the lessons. Whether it is a broken relationship, loneliness, reputation loss, trouble finding true love, etc. are some of the basics that we often fail to learn with time. The School Of Life is certainly teaching you something new here!

Get some great ideas, enjoy comedy videos, get emotionally strong and finally be a happy person! Indeed, one of the best self help YouTube channels of all the time.

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5. Matt D’Avella

YouTube channel: Matt D’Avella

Matt D’Avella

This YouTuber gives you a special lesson to live on: Minimalism! His message is neat and clear that even being a minimalist, you can be most productive and enjoy life to the fullest. He also shows experiments he performed like quitting caffeine for 30 days, journaling for 30 days or waking up at 5 am for 30 days. Watching his YouTube videos will probably give you a lesson of a lifetime!

6. Law Of Attraction Coaching

YouTube channel: Law Of Attraction Coaching

Law Of Attraction Coaching

Focus on yourself, self-discipline, self-care, etc. are some of the most powerful lessons you can grab from this best self-improvement YouTube channel. Plus, there are amazing motivational speeches that you can listen to every day and bring a better side of you to the world. Pick up a day and binge-watch these videos or give yourself some time to enjoy them all.

7. Team Fearless

YouTube Channel: Team Fearless

Team Fearless

You are the best version of yourself, and no one can knock you down! Team Fearless is one such self-improvement YouTube channel that fills you with energy, excitement and determination as soon as you land here! This team will strengthen your body, thoughts while motivating you to achieve what you ever wanted to be!

8. Actualized.org

YouTube Channel: Actualized.org


One of the best self-help YouTube channels, Actualized.org is talking about core principles of living a good life. These principles are hidden within us and unleashing them is our responsibility. With this channel, you are sure of realizing your potential, mastering your emotions and understand psychology in a new manner.

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9. GaryVee

YouTube Channel: GaryVee


Millions of subscribers follow Gary Vee for the amazing substance his thoughts carry and are spreading amongst the world. If you wish to kiss success, then you need to value this one life, get started and not stop until you find your destination. Struggles, choices, goals, meetings, speeches, interviews and whatnot, Gary Vee, has all it combined for you!

10. Project Life Mastery

YouTube Channel: Project Life Mastery

Project Life Mastery

Become the master of your emotions and actions with Project Life Mastery, which is certainly a self-improvement YouTube channel worth following. From throwing challenges to yourself to getting inspired for money, business, and goals, Stefan James would share his expert piece of advice with every video. No wonder why he has such a huge fan following!

11. Goalcast

YouTube Channel: Goalcast


Best speeches from all over the world, Goalcast is telling you to live the impossible. Gift yourself this self-help YouTube channel and each video every day is an eye-opener for you! Learn what others have faced, how life can be fought like a war and mistakes that shall not be repeated. A must visit and best self-improvement YouTube channel of this time.

Grow Everyday!

Growing every day mentally and improving your inner soul is the sole purpose of having a meaningful life. And if we forget it in the hustle-bustle of our life then it’s time to take a break and think about some of the best self-improvement Youtube channels for the same. Spare some time and enjoy them with all your

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