5 Best Rooting Apps For Android

Android has developed over the years and empowered its audience too. But, there’s a limit to how much you can modify your Android that has already been set by the manufacturer. Rooting your Android gets you unrestricted access to your device. It means you can modify the device’s software at a developer level.

Rooting an Android may sound cool but you should know that it voids the warranty on your device. And, there’s a slight chance that you may break your phone beyond recovery. However, if you’ve set your mind and love to explore, its an adventure and totally worth it for the accesses you get. Today, I am going to talk about 5 best rooting apps for Android you can choose from:

Best Android Rooting Apps

1. Kingoapp:

kingo root

Kingoapp is a big name among PC tools to root and unroot any Android device with maximum success. It seamlessly works with major brands or Android smartphones, tablets and other devices. Kingoapp works better with PC with internet access. Make sure to keep the computer connected to an active internet connection before launching the tool. Once done, follow these steps to root your Android:

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  1. Download the latest version of Kingoapp
  2. Ensure the internet connectivity to your phone or PC.
  3. Install the Kingoapp or rooting tool (depending if you’re rooting with or without PC).
  4. Launch the application and click on the Root button.
  5. Confirm the rooting with any root checker app.

    2. VRoot Software:


VRoot needs no introduction as it is among the most used rooting software. VRoot dedicatedly root and un-roots almost every Android device running on the 2.2 (Froyo) to newer operating systems, which makes it among the best rooting apps for Android. The VRoot application was recently rebranded and named iRoot. Make sure to charge the battery up to at least 50% and keep a working USB cable and Windows PC ready. When you’re done with preparation, follow these steps:

  1. Complete a backup of data (to be on a safer side).
  2. Download and install VRoot.
  3.  Enable USB debugging through Settings à Developer options.
  4. Launch VRoot from start menu or desktop.
  5. Connect your Android to computer with a USB cable.
  6. Accept any prompt on Android and allow VRoot to display the model of your phone.
  7.  Tap the green colored Root button to root your device. And, it’s done.

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3. SRSRoot Software:

srsroot software

SRSRoot is the simplest tool that roots your Android. It is tested and has been in the market for long enough to garden many positive reviews and feedbacks from beta and regular users. It is a one click rooting solution and doesn’t nag you with unnecessary screens. You just need to download the tool,  install and go along with the on-screen instructions to complete the root of your Android.

4. Framaroot App:


Framaroot is one of the best rooting application for Android that works without a computer. It supports the latest Android operating systems and offers to unroot a rooted device. To start with Frameroot, all you need to do is download the app, launch it and choose the list of available rooting exploits. Just make sure that you save the app in the phone memory and not in the secondary.

5. Root Master App:


Root Master covers almost all the old and latest Android operating systems and offers to root without the need of a computer. If nothing works for you, it must. The latest Root Master app has been tested over several popular brands with positive results. You may follow the below steps to root your Android:

  1. Download the Root Master APK application and install.
  2. Click on Tap to Root option and wait for the success message.
  3. Check your phone with a root checker app to confirm rooting.
  4. Delete the raw APK file after rooting to save some space.

Rooting your Android is indeed a big decision but these apps make it easy for you. Above mentioned apps are tested and verified by various users and have the highest positive reviews. But make sure you’re ready with a backup of your data if you’ve decided to go for it.

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