Can You Or Can’t You Remove Android Bloatware

And If You Can, Do You Need To Root Your Android Device? Do You Need Any Other Apps To Get Rid Of Bloatware? Let’s Find Out, Shall We?

We’ll try and have a look at all the possible easy ways using which you can remove Android bloatware. Now, throughout this blog, we shall also try to find if it’s possible to uninstall Android system apps without root, and if we can get rid of such apps without downloading any other apps (because there are much such Play Store and Non-Play Store apps which we shall cover in some other blog).

But, much before delving into how to get rid of Android bloatware, let’s first try and understand what bloatware is.

What Is Android Bloatware ?

All Android devices come with preinstalled apps that the manufacturer puts in. Some of these are extremely useful, whereas there might be others which are just sitting there and hogging on your device storage. For instance, I have a Samsung device, and it also has its share of preinstalled apps. Now, there are many apps in my device that are of no use at all, and I wish to get rid of those. I won’t take any particular names, though. To install or uninstall system apps is entirely at your discretion.

What More I Can Do To Optimize Android Device Otherwise?

What you can rest assured is that once you remove Android bloatware, you will be able to get power back in your hands, reclaim storage and make the operating system as optimized as possible. Talking of which you can install Smart Phone Cleaner – Speed Booster & Optimizer tool, which is capable of optimizing and boosting the performance of your device in just one tap. It even doubles up as a battery saver and prompts you to get rid of all those apps which are eating away space on your device.

smart phone cleaner

How To Remove Android Bloatware?

Before you head-on with the process of removing bloatware from your device, here is a small caveat.

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Note: the steps may differ from one Android device to another

Method 1 –  Uninstalling/ Disabling Apps

Uninstalling and Disabling Apps

  1. Open Settings App of your Android device
  2. Tap on the General tab and select Apps and Notifications
  3. Tap on the app that you wish to uninstall. Now at the top, you will see two buttons, namely – Uninstall and Force Stop. If you want to remove the app, choose Uninstall.

You might not be able to uninstall all the preinstalled apps or system apps. So, you might have the option to disable them. So, you will be able to see a Disable option at the top.

What Is The Meaning Of Disabling Android Bloatware?

In some way, when you disable Android Bloatware, you are playing the safe card. That’s because there are specific pre-installed apps which are necessary for the device and if you somehow get rid of them, the functionality of your device may get critically hampered. On the other hand, if you just disable the app, the app will no longer consume your precious RAM storage and will not run in the background as well.

Now let’s move forward and see if we can uninstall system apps without root in Android or if there is any possibility if that can be done, which is when method no 2 comes into play.

How Did I Disable/ Uninstall App On My Samsung Device

Samsung Device

Let’s say I don’t want My Galaxy app to run in the background (it doesn’t mean that I don’t like it or something) and eat my RAM. So, here’s how I can disable the app quickly –

  1. Go to the App Drawer by sliding up the screen from the bottom
  2. Long press the app which in this case is My Galaxy
  3. Select Disable

Method 2 – Use ADB Debugging And Remove Android Bloatware Without Root

To Uninstall system apps without root in Android, you will have to enable USB debugging mode on Android. Once, you are through with this, download ADB tools for Windows from Google’s official website. Once, you have the zipped file extracted on your Windows PC, type cmd in the address bar which will open a command prompt in the ADB directory.

  1. Connect the smartphone to your PC using a USB device
  2. Open Command Prompt in administrator mode and type ADB devices in the command prompt and hit enter
  3. Next, download App Inspector to find out package names that you wish to install. Subsequently, open App Inspector and tap on the app of your desire
  4. Type adb shell in command prompt and hit enter
  5. Then type pm uninstall – k –user 0 <name of the package>and hit enter

Note: Please be very careful when using these steps or else things can go south.If, in case something goes wrong, you may try factory resetting your device.

With these simple tricks in your hat, we hope you will now be able to remove Android bloatware without root. Do let us know in the comments section below if these methods did work out for you. For more troubleshooting content and other tech-treats, do read Systweak blogs and follow us around on all social media platforms as well.

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