7 Best PhotoSweeper Alternatives for Mac

Do you have a lot of duplicate photos on your Mac? If so, you’re not alone. Many people accumulate duplicate photos over time, without even realizing it. This can take up a lot of space on your hard drive, and it can also make it difficult to find the photos you’re looking for. This is where duplicate photo finders come into play, and if you’re a Mac user, you’re likely familiar with PhotoSweeper. However, it’s always a good idea to explore alternatives. In this comprehensive guide, we will look into the 7 best PhotoSweeper alternatives for Mac, helping you find the perfect duplicate photo finder for your needs.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 7 PhotoSweeper Alternatives for Mac in 2023

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Mac

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Mac is a tool developed by Systweak Software to remove unwanted duplicate photos from Mac. It is an ultimate photo-fixing tool that smoothly scans and deletes duplicate or similar photos depending on the matching level you choose. This impressive utility seamlessly operates with both the Photos app on your Mac and images stored on external drives connected to your Mac.

It empowers you with complete control over your comparison preferences, allowing you to tailor the settings to your specific needs, regardless of the size and format of the images. It features an intuitive interface that intelligently categorizes all instances of duplicate photos, presenting them as distinct groups, neatly arranged in rows for easy viewing.

Features –

  • Drag and drop photos/folders.
  • Fast & efficient.
  • Customizable comparison settings.
  • Smart scanning algorithm.
  • Auto-mark duplicates.
  • Quick look feature.
  • Scans external storage/devices connected with Mac.
  • Can scan DropBox 7 Google Drive.

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2. Gemini 2

Gemini 2

Gemini 2 is a powerful and popular software application designed for Mac users to help them efficiently find and manage duplicate files, including duplicate photos. It is considered one of the best alternatives to PhotoSweeper for Mac users looking to declutter their storage and keep their files organized. It employs advanced algorithms to detect duplicate files, including not only identical duplicates but also similar ones.

Gemini 2 offers several scanning modes, allowing users to customize the scan according to their preferences. For example, you can choose between a quick scan for a faster result or a more thorough scan for a comprehensive duplicate search. It automatically selects duplicates based on specific criteria, such as file size or date created.

Features –

  • Intelligent duplicate detection.
  • Smart selection.
  • Backup and restore.
  • Integration with Finder.
  • regular updates.

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3. Cisdem Duplicate Finder

Cisdem Duplicate Finder

Cisdem Duplicate Finder is a versatile and efficient tool tailored for Mac users who want to declutter their storage by identifying and managing duplicate files, including duplicate photos. Its combination of advanced scanning algorithms, preview options, and backup features make it a valuable addition to your Mac maintenance toolkit. Whether you’re dealing with duplicate photos, documents, music files, or any other type of duplicated content, Cisdem Duplicate Finder offers a comprehensive set of features.

The intelligent auto-selection feature takes the guesswork out of the equation, automatically determining which duplicates to retain and which to delete. It simplifies the process by marking all but one photo in each group of duplicates for removal.

Features –

  • Intelligent auto-select feature.
  • Support most of the image formats. ( PNG, BMP, TIFF, WebP, RAW, GIF, and more.)
  • Can scan external drives, memory cards, and cloud storage as well.
  • Preview feature.

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4. dupeGuru


dupeGuru is a robust and open-source duplicate file finder application designed for Mac users. Its primary purpose is to help users locate and manage duplicate files, including but not limited to photos, documents, music, and other types of files, on their Mac computers. ith dupeGuru, you can fine-tune your duplicate photo search and ensure your cherished images stay safe while freeing up space.

It provides users with multiple scanning modes, including a picture mode that’s perfect for photo enthusiasts. The scanning engine in dupeGuru is highly adaptable, allowing users to tailor their preferences. This flexibility empowers users to pinpoint both nearly identical matches and exact duplicates with precision.

Features –

  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • Multiple scanning modes.
  • Customizable criteria.
  • Grouping and sorting.
  • Command-Line interface.

Download dupeGuru

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5. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder is a versatile tool that doesn’t just target photos but can also locate duplicate files of all types. Its advanced algorithms ensure accurate results, and it provides a preview feature to help you make informed decisions about which duplicates to remove. This software offers a comprehensive solution to declutter your Mac.

This duplicate photo finder demonstrates its intelligence by identifying duplicates based on content rather than relying solely on filenames. It extends its support to cover all widely used image formats, including JPG and PNG photos, ensuring that it effectively detects duplicate files regardless of format. Furthermore, it provides users with three versatile modes for comparing pictures and various files on their Mac.

Features –

  • Emergency recovery using the “Undo” button.
  • Lower memory requirements.
  • Rapid management of duplicates.
  • Preview functionality.

Download Easy Duplicate Finder

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6. Duplicate File Finder Remover

Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate File Finder Remover by Nektony is a comprehensive software application designed for Mac users to locate and manage duplicate files effectively. This tool is dedicated to helping users free up valuable storage space by identifying and removing duplicate files, including documents, images, videos, and more. The straightforward design ensures that users can easily navigate the application to locate and manage duplicate files.

The application employs advanced algorithms to identify duplicate files with precision. Users have the flexibility to customize the criteria for duplicate detection, including file names, file sizes, and content. The built-in Preview tool allows you to preview any duplicated file.

Features –

  • It enables you to look for duplicates on Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.
  • Easy file recovery with the trash option.
  • Check your Music Library for duplicate audio files.
  • Track down duplicate movies and videos with any extension.

Download Duplicate File Finder Remover

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7. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

For those operating older macOS versions, Duplicate Photo Cleaner offers a practical solution to reclaim storage space on their disk drives. This software scans across various folders, comparing photos to pinpoint duplicates that can safely be deleted. It extends its functionality to include the removal of duplicates within Lightroom catalogs and Apple Photo libraries, streamlining the organization of your photo collections.

This tool’s capability extends to identifying duplicate images, even if they have been subjected to editing. Its user-friendliness is a standout feature, and it offers support for the majority of widely-used image formats.

Features –

  • Same subject/image scan.
  • Sector detail scan.
  • Folder comparison scan.
  • Mobile smartscan.
  • Lightroom and Picasa Scan.

Download Duplicate Photo Cleaner

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Best PhotoSweeper Alternatives for Your Mac

In your quest for the best duplicate photo finder for your Mac, remember that the right choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. These 7 PhotoSweeper alternatives offer a range of features, from visual scanning to comprehensive duplicate management. Explore them, try a few, and see which one aligns best with your workflow.

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