Best Phone Monitoring Apps For Parents

We are all very much aware of the content that the internet provides today. With that, we also know how much our kids love to spend time on the phone for watching movies, chatting with friends, and even forget to sleep or eat properly during the course. Parents definitely tend to get concerned, and find various methods to monitor kids’ activities on the phone. This is why phone monitoring apps were introduced, and are a modern way to keep an eye on your kids’ phones. Moreover, if you are searching for parenting apps before anything else, we have got you covered.

Let’s explore the best cell phone monitoring apps in brief, and save yourself from the stress of your child drowning in the world of mobile phones. Tech addiction is no new for all of us!

 Best Phone Monitoring Apps 

  1. Qustodio
  2. Kaspersky Safe Kids
  3. ESET Parental Control
  4. Norton Family Parental Control
  5. WW Phone Tracker Parent App

Let’s run each of them in brief.

1. QustodioQustodio

This cross-platform app is undoubtedly the best free phone monitoring app which can be installed in iOS, Android, Windows or Kindle device. It blocks adult content, can monitor Youtube activity, and even check out the search activity on the available browser.

Once you install the premium version, you can set a time limit for games your kid’s play, track and block calls, monitor the messages, and set up a family locator to locate your child on map. Also, it can get the SOS button activated which is able to alert the family members. The premium version is also applicable to more than 1 device, rather 15 devices.

Availability: Android & iOS.

2. Kaspersky Safe KidsKaspersky Safe Kids

One thing is already sure with this Android phone monitoring app i.e. blocking of nasty sites, the suspicious online behavior of kids, and setting up of screen time limits. Apart from this, you can get advice from psychologists about any specific requirements.

Once the Premium version is available with you, locate your children on the map, draw a safe area for them, track their Facebook activity, and real-time notifications of their activities. Plus, when you have a detailed report of your kids’ online activities, your decisions can be taken accordingly.

Availability: Android & iOS.

3. ESET Parental ControlESET Parental Control

This best phone monitoring app for Android is providing you with a level up confidence and setting boundaries for your child. When your child visits any domain, it will be notified to you. And if any pornographic content is tried on any browser, well, it is automatically blocked. So you can relax.

In fact, the Google Play Store shows suitable apps for kids based on content ratings. You can once again locate your kid’s location through ESET. The most interesting part is that your child can send you the request to unblock certain websites or apps, if you think he is good enough for the same, just accept the request.

Availability: Android

4. Norton Family Parental ControlNorton family

Straight from the makers of Norton family, you can keep your kids secure through their phone monitoring app. Not only you can supervise your child’s activities on the internet, teach them some good internet habits side by side. Even if your child is watching something or playing for too long, breaks are handed over to you only.

Smart web supervision, appropriate parent alert, and location supervision are a few features that are unmatched. Get a review of all the history through this best cell phone monitoring app.

Availability: Android

5. WW Phone Tracker Parent AppWW parent tracker

Another one in the list of best monitoring apps is here! This application is capable of protecting the kids from recording, detecting and alerting you if any risky activity is being done on your kid’s cellphone. You get to know if there is any kind of cyberbullying, sexting or signs of depression are visible on the child’s phone.

Availability: Android

Writer’s Tip:

If you have a kid who is mature enough to understand his social responsibilities and can manage his own life, you can simply suggest Social Fever to him/her. The application provides all the necessary features that can help your child in his/her journey to performing digital detox.


Social Fever is not exactly a phone monitoring app for parents, but it can guide your child to limit app usage, overall screen time & at the same time remind him/her to connect with real-life. He or she can set and manage their time by in investing their favorite activities like spending time with friends, family, morning walk, sleep, self-care, etc. The Quality Time module dedicatedly inspires users to indulge in real-life activities rather than just sticking to the phone for long durations.

Eye Health

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We have listed the best phone monitoring apps for you. Now you can select the one that perfectly suits your needs. Plus, do not forget to remove these apps from their phones when you are content enough with their age and activities in the future.

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