10 Best Lightroom Plugins (Free & Paid) in 2023

When it comes to picture editing and optimizing your photo editing process, a decent Lightroom plugin may greatly simplify your life.

Adobe Lightroom Classic is undoubtedly known to or has been utilized by those who work in the photography business. It is the primary photo editor used by thousands of pros and Instagram users because of its simple yet effective post-processing workflow and various lightroom plugins. Plenty of good Lightroom plugins can be downloaded, both for free and for pay.

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List of Best Lightroom Plugins (Free & Paid) in 2023

Best Free Lightroom Plugins

1. Focus Mask


Focus Mask will be beneficial if you have a lot of images and are having trouble selecting the best-focused images. By adding a red outline to the parts of your pictures in focus, this Lightroom plugin makes it easier for you to distinguish between photographs that have a sharp focus and those that don’t. However, it can occasionally highlight blurry areas while providing a basic notion of the areas where additional data might be recovered. You can use Focus Mask for free.

Download Here: Focus Mask

2. Snapheal


With the help of the incredibly distinctive Snapheal plugin, users can remove unwanted elements from their photographs fast and effectively. It functions very much like Photoshop’s healing brush in many aspects. Simply choose the items you wish to remove from Snapheal and click the Erase button. Aside from eliminating items, you can also use retouching tools to modify colors, contrast, and sharpness.

Download Here: Snapheal

3. LR/Enfuse


LR/Enfuse is a Lightroom plugin that lets you flawlessly mix different exposures. This Lightroom cc plugin combines many images shot at various exposures to create one spectacular image. If you have the free Enfuse tool, you can complete all the adjustments in Lightroom and have a shot with a broad dynamic range in a matter of seconds. Although it is free to use, it is not as strong as other Lightroom plugins that provide HDR processing.

Download Here: LR/Enfuse

4. LR/Instagram


LR/Instagram is among the top free Lightroom plugins for photographers who frequently share their work on Instagram. As suggested by its name, you can upload your photographs straight to Instagram with this plugin and Lightroom. Additionally, you can trim your photos, add hashtags, and share them with different accounts. It is easy to use and efficient. Although LR/Instagram is available without charge, you will ultimately need to sign up through the Lightroom plug-in manager. The cost is simply $10 US.

Download Here: LR/Instagram

5. Noiseless


This plugin’s name clarifies that it can be used to lessen or eliminate the unpleasant noise from photographs. Among the most typical issues with photography is noise, particularly in pictures taken in low light. The plugin Noiseless makes it simple to get rid of grain, which can occasionally be irritating. This plugin doubles the image size and provides a side-by-side comparison to enable you to view the findings right away.

Download Here: Noiseless

Best Paid Lightroom Plugins

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1. Luminar


One of the best Lightroom plugins is Luminar, which is equally helpful for Mac users. This tool will dramatically improve your productivity, so you can use it as a Lightroom substitute. This plugin’s primary purpose is to simplify and enhance the enjoyment of even the most challenging editing procedures. With many of its filters leveraging artificial intelligence to analyze and edit photographs, it pretty much offers everything you might desire in the realm of photo enhancement.\

Download Here: Luminar

2. Aurora HDR


Aurora HDR, developed by Skylum, is also among the best Lightroom plugins for making high-dynamic-range photographs with a robust AI-based engine. Aurora HDR’s Lightroom plugin makes it so easy to produce stunning HDR photographs with simple tools and a tonne of functionality. To get started, choose one of the many presets, and for more in-depth editing, go to the manual controls. Although the plugin is pricey, keen landscape photographers can find it worthwhile.

Download Here: Aurora HDR

3. ON1 Photo Raw


Like Luminar, ON1 Photo Raw is a complete professional photo editor. Despite having its raw processing engine, ON1 Photo Raw is still a professional plugin for Lightroom. It allows you to organize your images, edit raw files, work with layers, and play around with special effects. ON1 features a library with an excellent choice of textures and borders that can be utilized to give your photographs identity. If you don’t like Luminar, this is undoubtedly the closest alternative.

Download Here: ON1 Photo Raw

4. LR Timelapse


LR Timelapse is among the top plugins for Lightroom in terms of enhancing the program’s usefulness. Features like grading, keyframes, and more enable you to produce fantastic time-lapse videos. With the help of this plugin, time-lapse sequences may be keyframed and graded using an “all raw file” approach. The Holy-Grail-Wizard function of this plugin also enables you to build day-to-night and night-to-day transitions. This plugin works with both Windows and Mac devices.

Download Here: LR Timelapse

5. Blow Up 3


Consider, Blow Up 3 if you frequently need to enlarge your images to make them larger. With this add-on, you can expand your photos for printing without losing their crispness. You can use it to set up your photos to print on various paper sizes. If you often utilize stock images, this plugin might help you to save money. Without losing quality, you can download smaller versions and enlarge them. The most recent edition of Blow Up 3 is simpler and quicker to operate.

Download Here: Blow Up 3

To Wrap This Up

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With that, we end our selection of the top 10 free and paid Lightroom plugins to watch for in 2023. There are many excellent tools available, but perhaps this list will assist you in selecting the ideal plugin to enhance your workflow and produce more eye-catching photographs. Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q.1. Does Adobe Lightroom CC support Plugins?

Yes, it does support a variety of plugins, including the ones listed on this page.

Q.2. How to Install Lightroom Plugins?

  • First, download the plugin from the website and unzip it if it’s in ZIP format.
  • Open Lightroom.
  • Navigate to File > Plug-in Manager.
  • Click “Add” in the lower-left corner of the dialogue box that appears.
  • Choose the plugin of your choice. You need to pick a folder whose name ends with “.lrplugin.”
  • Restart Lightroom after clicking on “Done.”


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