5 Best Photography Culling Software in 2023

Here is the best culling software that you can use to sort the best photos from your vast collection. Most of the apps provide a free trial version that can help you use each of them and judge for yourself which one best suits your requirements.

Best Photography Culling Software in 2023

Here is a list of the Best Photo Culling Software:

1. Narrative Select

Narrative Select software

Narrative Select is here to help with AI-powered solutions that will improve your life ten times easier.  Narrative Select takes images quickly, and you can start culling before they’re finished.  Once you’ve uploaded your pictures, you can use AI tools to enhance them. The ‘Eye Assessment,’ which uses AI to determine whether your individual’s eyes are wide open or closed, is a useful feature. This is especially great for group pictures with numerous individuals.


  • Quick Result
  • Closed Eye Detection
  • Basic Free Plan


  • Interface can be difficult for some

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2. Photo Mechanic

Photo Mechanic photo culling software

For several years, Photo Mechanic has been the best photo culling software for professional photographers all over the globe. The biggest feature of Photo Mechanic is its ability to simultaneously absorb thousands of RAW data from different memory cards, allowing you to begin selecting your favorite photographs without having to queue. Although you can do something similar with other culling tools, Photo Mechanic’s processing of RAW files is much more efficient with a weak photo editing computer, even if you have less RAM to complete the process.


  • PC configuration does not matter
  • Import multiple images
  • Simple & Swift


  • Does not have an AI module
  • Mobile version not available

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3. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

For several years, Adobe Lightroom has been the accepted industry picture application, and with good reason: it is the better decision for most professionals.

While there are many options, Lightroom is the best because of its DAM capability and extensive editing features.  It’s also a useful culling tool; however, you’ll need a strong computer  to appreciate the ability to cull photographs while they’re still being imported.


  • Does have mobile app
  • Includes Photoshop features
  • Options to tag and provide keywords


  • Monthly subscription
  • Difficult to use for beginners

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4. AfterShoot


An AI photo culling software, AfterShoot, offers to save you effort by assisting you in selecting the finest images for you. By recognizing fuzzy shots, locating duplicates, individuals with closed eyelids, and also out of focus pictures, AfterShoot can intelligently cull whole galleries of thousands of pictures using AI. Another important AfterShoot feature is its ability to provide a zoomed-in ‘crop’ of the faces of your subjects in your images, allowing you to check each emotion to decide if the photo is inherently valuable.


  • Identifies duplicates
  • Automatic Filtering
  • Culling Features


  • Do not support Cloud
  • Does not have Mobile App

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5. FilterPixel

Filterpixel application

FilterPixel is a desktop application driven by artificial intelligence that aids photographers in deciding which photographs to keep and which to delete. It can help you spare hours by culling your pictures for you – you still have complete manual control over the choices, but once you trust its abilities, you can just let it go! This implies that having a lesser-powered machine won’t slow down the culling process because the FilterPixel servers handle all of the heavy jobs. The Comparison Mode, which works in tandem with the Zoomed Faces and Out of Focus tools to allow you to double-check all of FilterPixels’ options, remains a favorite feature.


  • Cloud Processing
  • Easy To use and Quick
  • Works With macOS too


  • Does Not Have Advanced AI Module.

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Bonus Software: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a magnificent piece of software that has been recognized as the greatest duplicate photo removal solution. The precision of this software is excellent. It’s based on a Smart Algorithm that compares two photographs based on factors other than their names, sizes, and file extensions. The following is a list of what the software can perform for you:

Sort through your photos and arrange them

Removing identical image files that are no longer required results in a more structured and up-to-date image collection.

The results have been divided into categories.

Duplicates are sorted, so the best are kept, and the others are rejected.

Conduct a Quick Scan

Look through your photos to check if there are any duplicates or images that are similar.

It’s made to be used with Google Drive

You can search for and delete identical photos in Google Drive without transferring your whole collection to your hard disc.

Storage devices, both internal and external, are supported

The software supports internal and external storage devices, such as external hard drives, USB drives, and SD cards connected to your PC through an adapter.

Using a Variety of Scanning Methods to Find Duplicates

You can use a range of modules to find comparable photographs and similar matches in your photo collection, such as time intervals, GPS, and other features, to scan and uncover duplicates.

Duplicates are flagged automatically

You can choose Auto-Mark to duplicate images while leaving one original image unmarked in each group when the application presents the scan results.

The Final Word On Best Photography Culling Software in 2023

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