Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps For Android & iOS

The world these days is infiltrated with people with ulterior motives. One of the ways that someone could spy on you is by planting a hidden camera or even a microphone. While technology favors those with good intentions, it sadly favors those with evil intentions as well. They hide the cameras in a way that you cannot just detect them with normal eyes. Enter apps that can find such hidden cameras in a snap.

Don’t have an app or object to detect hidden cameras? For starters, here are some manual ways in which you can detect hidden cameras in your surroundings.

Places Where Apps/ Objects Are Required To Detect Hidden Camera

Regardless of how tight the security is, in one way or another notorious elements can set up cameras at malls, changing rooms in stores, hotel rooms, washrooms, behind unsuspecting locations like in the eye of a teddy bear and the list goes on and on. If you are not on your guard, such culprits can attack your privacy and for instance, start blackmailing you and your near and dear ones.

In this post, we are not just enlisting apps for Android and iOS that can help detect hidden spying objects but we will also discuss how these apps easily catch hidden cameras and alert you before someone attacks your privacy and starts misusing it.

Features That You Can Look For In A Hidden Spy Camera Finder

What is it that makes these apps the best tools to not just find hidden cameras but any hidden device? Let’s quickly have a look at some of the notable features of hidden camera detector apps:

  • Apps detect both spy cameras as well as other devices such as microphones and even GPS trackers.
  • The apps (iOS and Android) listed below are easy to use. You just have to install them and move them over to the location where you think there are cameras.
  • Locate devices on the network and mark them distinctly as suspicious and nonsuspicious.
  • The apps can locate all kinds of cameras – Wired, wireless, pinhole, infrared, sleep camera and the list goes on.
  • Most of these apps log scanning history.
  • Most apps use a magnetic sensor on your smartphone.
  • The apps can detect hidden spy cameras everywhere – behind walls, mirrors, changing rooms, and even in unsuspecting areas.
  • Some apps tell you where the cameras are placed by way of augmented reality.

Best Spy Camera Detector Apps for Android and iOS

1. Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector apps

This is one of the best-rated and easy-to-use camera detector apps on iOS. It doesn’t just help identify hidden cameras but also hidden microphones. It uses your device’s magnetic field sensor. As a means of detecting spy devices, Hidden Camera Detector comes with a variety of useful features some of which are mentioned below.

Notable Features

  • Use the spy camera finder to scan the room where you suspect hidden cameras.
  • It shows blue light on the IR camera.
  • It starts beeping if it detects radiation.
  • Can also you help find your charger as well.

2. Spy Camera Detection

Spy Camera Detection

Scouring through free apps that can help you detect hidden cameras? Spy Camera detection is a choice you can make. It uses two methods to detect hidden cameras – infrared effects detection and radiation meter. It uses your phone’s magnetic sensor to find any camera around your smartphone. As soon as it will detect a camera, it will start beeping.

Notable Features

  • Infrared effects detection detects hidden devices with infrared light (white and red)
  • A radiation meter uses magnetic sensors to detect radiation.
  • Detects hidden or spy devices anywhere – behind walls, mirrors, or any other object.
  • Also detects metal objects.

3. Spy Detector – Hidden Camera

Spy Detector

Feel that your privacy is in danger? Suspect that there are hidden cameras in your hotel room? Spy Detector is a great way to recognize spy cameras from possibly any location – behind a wall, mirror, or any object for that matter. It is one of the best camera detector apps for your iPhone. It is powered by AI that helps detect infrared cameras.

Notable Features

  • Not just cameras, the app can detect all kinds of suspicious devices by their IP.
  • Comes with advanced scanning methods for finding hidden cameras.
  • Can detect cameras in low light conditions as well.
  • It can even track GPS trackers.

4. Hidden Camera Detector – Finder

Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector – Finder is one of the highest-rated spy camera detector apps for Android and for a variety of reasons. To begin with, it is available free of cost and it not only detects hidden cameras but also video cameras, microphones, and even transparent cameras that otherwise can’t be detected under the normal setting.

Notable Features

  • Easy to use – Download the app and move the device to an area where you suspect a hidden camera.
  • Detects camera in any location – room, washroom, guest room, etc.
  • Even shows detected objects.
  • Offers tips and tricks with which you can use the app more efficiently.

5. Hidden Spy Camera Detector App

Hidden Spy Camera Detector App

This iOS app is a powerful tool for finding hidden spy cameras regardless of where they are placed, even in the most unsuspecting regions. It lets you add devices that you feel are safe and categorizes suspicious devices separately by their IP addresses. Moreover, it even offers tips and tricks on the places where you should be extra careful as those areas can have hidden cameras placed behind them.

Notable Features

  • Wi-Fi scanner to check devices connected to the network.
  • Detection of red dots and camera lenses using filters.
  • Check the history of scanned devices.
  • Bluetooth detector.

6. SpyC: Hidden Spy Camera Finder

SpyC Hidden Spy Camera Finder

Don’t just go by the name, SpyC is indeed one of the best camera detector apps for Android that can easily track down any hidden spy cameras. It eliminates the need of investing in expensive objects to detect hidden cameras. It is a professional-grade HD surveillance camera detector and locator app

Notable Features

  • Identify suspicious devices such as cameras or other devices on the network with their IP address.
  • Locates all kinds of cameras – pinhole, wireless, wired, sleep camera, etc.
  • Logs detection history.
  • Easy to use interface.

7. Hidden Camera Finder

Hidden Camera Finder

As the name suggests, the iOS app helps find hidden cameras at your home, office, or any other location. The app recognizes spy equipment with the help of AR or augmented reality markers. You can move your camera in areas where you are doubtful that there are spy cameras. It marks suspicious and non-suspicious devices distinctly.

Notable Features

  • Discover connected devices and ascertain whether or not they are suspicious.
  • Wi-Fi scanning
  • Locate exactly where cameras might be placed with AR markers.
  • The flashlight feature helps detect hidden cameras in low-light conditions.

8. Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector app

Hidden Camera Detector is one of the highest-rated apps on iOS that has been featured in Fox, Forbes, and Yahoo News. What adds to its credibility is the fact that it is created by professional security specialists. It is a powerful tool for finding hidden cameras in Hotels, Changing rooms in malls and dressing stores, Bluetooth, and anywhere else possible.

Notable Features

  • Find the camera type by just pointing at the object and find out if it is a spying camera.
  • Locate any hidden cameras on your network. Also track bugs, GPS trackers, and other covert devices.
  • Red crosshairs of the app instantly track any hidden cameras.
  • It can track and notify any remotely accessible scanners as well.

9. Hidden Camera Detector from FutureApps

Hidden Camera Detector from FutureApps

With over a million downloads on Google Play Store, Hidden Camera Detector is one of the best spy camera detector apps for Android. As soon as it perceives spy objects, it instantly alerts you through the real-time graph of any nearby magnetic activities. Furthermore, as soon as it finds that magnetic activity is a camera it produces a beep sound and indicates it with a red spot.

Notable Features

  • Multiple ways of detecting cameras – by radiation meter or infrared camera.
  • Detects IR cams as white light.
  • Offers tips and tricks based on common locations where notorious elements place hidden cameras.
  • You can calibrate sensitivity in case there are other electronic items delivering radiation and that may disturb camera detection.

10. No Hidden – Spy Camera Finder

No Hidden Spy Camera Finder

Just like its iOS counterpart, No Hidden – Spy Camera Finder app is equally efficient on Android when it comes to detecting spy cameras of all types no matter where they are placed. It is capable of detecting not just hidden cameras but other spying objects such as GPS trackers, listening devices on LAN and Wi-Fi, and other covert objects that are not visible otherwise.

Notable Features

  • Works well in low light conditions.
  • AI detection to detect infrared cameras.
  • Provides log history of scanned devices by their exact IP address.
  • Advanced scanning methods.

Take Your Security Into Your Own Hands

Sometimes to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, you have to take a grip of their security and a camera detector app for Android or iOS is a step forward to do that. If any of these apps have helped you thwart notorious elements, do share your experience in the comments section below.

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