Future of Augmented Reality: How it Gives Way to Technological Advancement

Had Pokémon Go not become as big as it did, Augmented Reality too wouldn’t have gained the popularity it has amassed today. Or rather, I should say it would have remained a forlorn futurist technology that would have gained momentum much later. While Pokémon Go is no longer the talk of the town, Augmented Reality is consistently making big news. Let’s consider Tango, an all-new augmented reality smartphone.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is digitalized real time view of user’s physical world environment, created to give an exclusive experience to users. Let’s talk about Pokémon Go. You’d walk all the way through (which was your physical world environment) to catch those mischievous Pokémons (which were digital and gave an exclusive experience).

While augmented reality is largely talked about, it also tends to confuse people with virtual reality. These two technologies are similar and create chaos in a user’s mind. However, virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one.

Is augmented reality over powering other technological advancements?

Having been developed exponentially, AR has been able to catch everyone’s imagination. From developers to users, all are looking forward to newer possibilities in it. However, other technologies aren’t really left behind. Virtual Reality Society says, “There is talk about using nanotechnology as a means of allowing us to push beyond the boundaries of the human body and enter into the digital world. You would become one with the virtual environment. Your brain would be uploaded into a computer system or network which would mean immortality…” Another new update was rolled out by Microsoft with the name Houzz HoloLens, which was capable of previewing an environment with the new chattels that you may want to furnish.

These clearly reflect an uphill development in other technologies than augmented reality. Nevertheless, augmented reality perfectly digitalizes external environment and so is a step ahead.

Future of AR

The biggest benefit of augmented reality is filling in the gap between digital and real worlds. For this reason, it has become mainstream in many fields including e-commerce, mobile apps, geolocation and education. Here are some more expectations from augmented reality.

  • Promote brand name: Organizations may use it as a means to promote their brand name. For example, a company may design an app, which would invite a user virtually and convey its insights.
  • Promoting sales and offers: Companies may also use its AR to promoted their sales. They may engage users into their upcoming offers by conducting virtual real time contests and offering coupons and discounts.
  • Advertisement: Other than promotions and app-based experiences, AR may also see a heap in advertisements. Newer advertisements may include QR codes, which would allow users to connect with a real-time physical deal or engage in instantaneous deals.
  • AR Apps: Need not to say, apps have always been a high for AR. It will continue to do so. More and more mobile applications will be developed based on AR. For example, apps may get developed to celebrate festivities, an app may also offer one to one interaction with your loved ones while incorporating digital elements in it. Like you may roam around with your friends, in a garden via some app.

These are some of the expectations and futurist sight of augmented reality. Some more might pop up in the near future. But for now, development of these expectation will be a high for users and developers.

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