Feel Like Being Spied Upon? Detect Hidden Cams in Your Surroundings!

There are two sides to every story as they say and it all depends on our perspective how we perceive a certain situation or entity. This holds true for technology as well! Technology is a boon or a curse? What do you think? Well, you don’t have to pick sides or anything, but the truth is there are both pros and cons associated with technology.

What Are Your Views on Security Cams?

What Are Your Views on Security Cams
Image Source: Safewise

On one hand, technology is making our lives simpler at every milestone but if we look at the dark side hackers and cybercriminals are literally after exposing our online privacy. We can’t overlook the negative side and ignore it completely. Let’s understand this fact with the help of an example. Say, what are your views about security cams? They’re definitely a must-have gadget and especially in today’s time. You can install them at your home, garden or workplace and monitor the activities remotely even if you’re away.

But things go out of hands when these gadgets are misused for negative purposes where criminals or maniacs use these hidden cams to violate our privacy. Yes, cams and microphones may be hidden anywhere you go. Your apartment, hotel rooms, workplace, trial rooms, bathrooms anywhere in your surroundings! Yes, for sure it’s illegal but you cannot just wait and sit around for anything worse to happen, right?

What Are Your Views on Security Cams-1
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Keeping privacy as an utmost concern, we have listed down a few ways of how to detect hidden cameras around you.

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How to Detect Hidden Cameras

We will be discussing a few effective ways in this post that will help you in detecting any kind of hidden spy gear in your surroundings.

Scan the Area Be Observant

Just like any detective works, being observant it the key to detecting any suspicious activity. So, if you have to look for any hidden cams in your surroundings make sure you scan the complete area and don’t leave an inch behind. Say, if you’re at a motel then you can check for some obvious spots of hiding hidden cameras which include wall sockets, TV panel, wall clocks, pens, smoke detectors, plants and so on.

Scan the Area Be Observant
Image Source: USA Today

Also, look for any wires that are unnecessarily present in the area as they may lead you to find the exact location of hidden cameras.

Shut Down the Lights

Shut Down the Lights
Image Source: Conbrov

Most of the modern-day night vision cams come with a tiny LED light. You can easily spot any camera of this kind by turning off the light and deeply scanning the area. If it’s day-light, then you can also try covering the area with sheets or draw the curtains may be.

Smartphones Are Your Rescue Plan

Smartphones Are Your Rescue Plan
Image Source: MakeUseOf

Another reason for keeping a smartphone handy! Yes, your smartphone can also help you in detecting hidden cameras in your surroundings. So, the trick is that simply make a phone call to any contact, keep the earpiece close, and try to hear any oddly sounding high frequency sounds on the call. Repeat this process, while you’re walking and try to alter your position and see if you hear anything suspicious.

In case you hear any weird sound, then thoroughly scan that particular area and look for any hidden cams that may be mysteriously buried in the ambiance.

The Mirror Trick

The Mirror Trick
Image Source: Sentel Tech

You can always follow the old school approach in detecting hidden cameras of bathroom mirrors. Simply place your finger on the mirror and see if there’s a gap? If there’s a gap, then you can stay relaxed and have a sigh of relief. But if you don’t see a gap in the image then there may be a possibility that a hidden cam may be installed behind the mirror.

There were a few tips on how to detect hidden cameras so that you can up your guard against any surveillance equipment installed in your environment.

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