6 Best Tool To Stress Test GPU Of Your Windows PC

As a PC user, you know how frustrating it can be when your computer starts to lag or freeze while running intensive applications or games. This is often caused by a lack of resources, mainly a GPU that can’t handle the workload. If you’re a gamer or frequently run graphics-intensive programs, you must have a dedicated GPU that can handle the pressure. That’s where the GPU stress test comes in. Stress testing your GPU allows you to identify its performance limits and potential issues, allowing you to optimize your PC’s performance.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to six of the best tools to stress test the GPU of your Windows PC, so you can ensure that your system is running at its best.

What Is GPU Stress Test And Why Do You Need It At The First Place?

A GPU stress test is a process of pushing your graphics processing unit (GPU) to its limits to evaluate its performance under extreme conditions. This test can help you identify any potential issues with your GPU, such as overheating, instability, or crashes, that may not be apparent during regular use.

There are several reasons why a user may need to perform a GPU stress test. Firstly, if you are a gamer or a video editor, you want to ensure that your GPU is performing optimally to deliver a smooth and seamless experience. Stress testing your GPU can help identify any issues that may impact your gameplay or editing workflow, allowing you to address them before they become a problem.

Secondly, if you have recently overclocked your GPU, stress testing can help you determine the stability of your overclocked settings. Overclocking is the process of increasing the clock speed of your GPU to achieve better performance.  Stress testing your GPU can help you identify any issues that may arise due to overclocking, allowing you to adjust your settings accordingly.

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6 Best GPU Stress Test Software For Windows PC

In this article, we have gathered the most trustworthy and effective tools to stress test your GPU, which will help you determine how well your computer can render graphics. We understand that it’s crucial to use software that is both reliable and safe for your hardware, so we’ve handpicked the best programs that meet these standards. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

tipsAdditional Tip

Excessive stress testing or improper use can cause your GPU to overheat, which can lead to permanent damage. As with any stress testing software, it’s important to ensure that your GPU is properly cooled and maintained to prevent any damage.

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1. 3D Mark

3D Mark

3DMark is a comprehensive benchmarking tool that includes stress tests designed to push your GPU to the limit. It’s widely used by gamers and PC enthusiasts and provides detailed information on your GPU’s performance. By default, it utilizes the Time Spy DirectX 12 benchmark to measure, and stress tests the performance of your graphics card. However, if you want to access the Stress Test mode, you will need to switch to the advanced version.

The basic version of the software includes three benchmarks(Time Spy, Wild Life, and Speed Way) that are compatible with both DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 tech.

2. Stress My GPU

Stress My GPU

This is an online tool for stress testing and benchmarking GPUs (and CPUs) that you can use for free. It’s web-based and doesn’t require any installation or downloading, as it utilizes JavaScript and WebGL. The tool is particularly helpful in evaluating the stability of an overclocked GPU over an extended period and testing your PC’s performance under heavy thermal loads.

As a web-based application, it is limited to what the browser considers acceptable for a regular website to do. While it can max out your GPU’s processing utilization, it has limited capability in pushing every component of your GPU to its maximum limit during the entire stress test.

3. Unigine


Unigine is a renowned developer of gaming engines that are widely used around the world. Besides their gaming engines, they also offer some fantastic gaming tests that can push your GPU to its limits. Among these, Heaven, Valley, and Superposition are some of the most popular options. If you are looking for a rigorous GPU stress test, Superposition is the way to go. It has 17 scenes that render an interactive and graphically intensive environment to evaluate your system performance..

One of the best features of Superposition is the performance results it generates at the end of the benchmark. Moreover, Unigine offers a benchmark score that you can use to compare your GPU’s performance with other systems worldwide.

4. MSI Kombuster

MSI Kombuster

MSI Kombustor is another popular stress testing tool that’s designed specifically for MSI graphics cards. However, it works with other graphics cards as well. It comes with a range of benchmarking tests, including stress tests that can put your GPU under heavy load. MSI Kombustor is a versatile tool that provides more than just stress testing for your GPU.

Kombustor supports all major graphics APIs, such as Vulkan, DirectX, and OpenGL allowing you to test your GPU’s performance in all environments. The tool includes a handful of presets that you can use to perform tests in resolutions varying from 1080p to 2160p. Additionally, Kombustor enables you to run custom tests in lower resolutions and choose from a variety of stress test benchmarks offered by MSI.

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5. FurMark


FurMark is one of the most popular GPU stress testing tools available. It puts your GPU under a heavy load by running a 3D graphics benchmark that stresses the GPU to its limit. The stress test offered by FurMark is extremely intense and can potentially cause damage to your GPU if used improperly. The test puts an enormous load on your graphics chip, which can result in overheating and hardware failure.

However, FurMark also offers a basic test that measures the stability of your GPU through a standard OpenGL test. You can choose from a range of preset GPU benchmarks to test your graphics chip’s performance at various resolutions, from 720p to 4K.



To put it in different words, although OCCT is mostly known for testing CPU performance, it can also be used to push your GPU to its limits. With OCCT, you can evaluate the stability of your GPU’s overclocking settings such as frequency, resolution, and voltage. It is mainly used for verifying stability and identifying potential errors in your system.

OCCT provides several core security settings that can help new users configure the app for stability testing and overclocking. One of these settings is the ability to set a critical temperature, beyond which the app will automatically stop the stress test to prevent damage to your hardware. Additionally, you can also set the app to stop if it detects any errors, making it easier to identify and troubleshoot issues.

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To Wrap This Up

GPU stress test is crucial for anyone who wants to ensure optimal performance from their graphics processing unit. By using the 6 best GPU stress test software for Windows we’ve highlighted in this article, you can push your GPU to the limit and get a good idea of its graphics rendering capability. GPU stress testing is a process for anyone who wants to ensure optimal performance from their GPU, whether you are a gamer, video editor, or enthusiast.

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