Best Overclocking Software For Windows PC!

If you are feeling that your Windows PC is slowing down, and its performance is getting weaker, consider downloading an overclocking software for its advancement. But why we are recommending some of the best overclocking software and what is it? Well, let’s just understand it here.

Overclocking is basically speeding up the clock rate of a particular component more than what is been configured already. Now that you are a pro machine user and do not want to replace the whole system, better upgrade the PC with overclocking. This reconfiguration is usually applied to CPU, GPU, and RAM and you can experience a shoot up in default settings present.

NOTE: PC overclocking has certain benefits including smooth running of graphic-heavy software, faster performance and much more. Nevertheless, overclocking may cause heating of processor or other damage that needs to be mitigated using cooling methods. Moreover, this is the reason that you must select a suitable CPU or GPU overclocking software.

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Top Overclocking Software For Windows

1. MSI Afterburner

One of the best overclocking software brings out the name of MSI Afterburner proudly that allows you to control graphics cards on your own very smoothly. You can even enjoy customizing fan profiles, benchmarking, and video recording. The most interesting thing that MSI Afterburner offers is its compatibility with all the graphics cards as well as zero pricing for the same. Isn’t that the coolest thing?

Enjoy receiving the FPS counter in the game along with system performance and core memory details.

MSI Afterburner

USP: Test stability & temperature performance of the graphics card.

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2. NVIDIA Inspector

NVIDIA overclock tool has a basic purpose of analyzing and displaying the status of graphic cards. This is why it is also called as one of the coolest GPU overclocking software where you will also be informed about GPU clocks, temperature, memory clock, clock speed and much more to finally see the amazing performance.

NVIDIA Inspector

USP: Simple and easy interface.

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3. EVGA Precision X

All the gamers out there, this overclock software is certainly best for you! You will notice maximum hardware performance after downloading it where the basic interface is simple and easily navigable. Interestingly, it is very much compatible with NVIDIA graphic cards including GeForce GTX TITAN. Though it doesn’t support the AMD graphics card, it can back a maximum of 10 profile users and editing of system’s memory clock.

EVGA Precision X

USP: Full Support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX

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4. AMD Overdrive

Now, this can be called an efficient GPU clocking software because of its easy compatibility of AMD graphics card, to begin with. It will help in analyzing AMD chipsets while adjusting clock speeds of RAM. Now you can simply customize clock frequency, voltage, memory clock, GPU temperature, and much more.

AMD Overdrive
Image source:

USP: Easy interface and real-time processor insights.

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5. CPU-Z & GPU-Z

You must keep these overclocking software in your PC to check the health and insights of the hardware of the system. Both products are innovative in their own where CPU-Z can be called as CPU overclocking software taking care of processor details including motherboard, cache levels, voltage levels, etc.

Whereas GPU-Z is being called as GPU overclocking software dealing with insights of graphics card & provide details like memory clocks, GPU temperature, memory size, and more.

Interestingly, they both are very much compatible with NVIDIA, AMD, ATI, and Intel GPU.


USP: Both are light-weight and have a simple interface for the user.

Get CPU-Z & GPU-Z here!

6. AMD Ryzen Master

Give your system a dose of CPU overlocking software with AMD Ryzen master and get offered by multiple tuning options to choose from. You can change factory settings while peeking through real-time system performance side-by-side. You can customize processor clock, voltage settings, etc. and adjust basic to advanced features according to your own will.

AMD Ryzen Master

USP: Monitor speed, temperature, interval, and histograms live.

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Don’t Want To Play With Overclocking Software?

After learning the facts and changes made by any of the overclocking software including overheating issues and configuration changes, you might think of an alternative where the system can be optimized, drivers get updated and games simply boost their performance greatly.

Well, in that case, we have a solution in the name of Advanced System Optimizer!

How it can help you?

  • Makes your computer a dedicated game machine by blocking annoying messages, notifications, and improved frame rate.
  • Updates the latest driver including display graphics.
  • Optimizes the disk, protects the system from foreign attack and cleans the system thoroughly.


We would say that you should definitely give a try to any of the overclocking software mentioned above to see the performance of the PC. most of them are compatible with famous graphic cards and you can definitely enjoy various activities through it. You can sidewise also look at best game optimizer and boosters for your Windows PC and run your games smoothly & effortlessly.

Also, let us know which method worked best for you in the comment section below while following us on Facebook & YouTube.

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