How to Restore Windows 10 To Factory Settings

Just like humans tend to age with time, machines wear out too over time and prolonged usage. Be it your smartphone, laptop or tablet, each and every device runs perfectly fine in a specific span of time and until we start witnessing a degraded performance. Well, they are not just mere gadgets; in fact, these devices are our lifelines without which we can’t go by even for a day. We use these devices for hours and hours till the battery runs out and follow the Plug-Charge-Use-Repeat cycle every day.

In the same way, our Windows can get quite old too and may start performing annoyingly slow over time. Well, there may be plenty of reasons why this might happen. It may be malware or virus, misconfigured settings, storage space almost full, presence of faulty apps and services or be it anything.

Yes, we do understand operating on a slow machine is seemingly frustrating. So, what to do next? Buying a new Windows machine is always an option but we’ve got a better idea! Yes, that’s right. Here’s a quick guide on how to factory reset Windows 10 back to its original settings to make it function smoothly just like a brand-new machine.

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Let’s get started.

First Things First!

Just to be safe, and before anything mistakenly goes wrong while making a few tweaks in Windows settings, we would advise you to backup all your data first. Also, if you’re restoring Windows 10 to factory settings, there may be a possibility that you would lose stuff like bookmarks, saved passwords, cookie data and more.


So, before we begin our guide on Windows 10 factory reset process, here’s a quick solution on how you can instantly back up your data. With the help of the Right Backup Anywhere tool you can back up all your important data and store it on a secure cloud location. Right Backup Anywhere tool for Windows is one of the most secure and reliable cloud backup solutions that can keep your precious memories safe and intact. From pictures to videos to audio files, keep all your data preserved in one place easily accessible from any device with the Right Back up anywhere tool.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10

How to Factory Reset Windows 10

Luckily, Windows 10 includes an in-built Reset feature which makes the process of restoring to factory settings easier.

  • Tap the Windows icon on the bottom-left corner and select the gear-shaped icon to open Settings.
  • In Windows 10 Settings, tap on “Update and Security”.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10-1

  • Switch to the “Recovery” section from the left-hand side menu pane.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10-2

  • Now tap the “Get Started” button in the first section that is “Reset this PC”.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10-3

  • This will commence the Windows 10 Factory Reset process immediately and Windows will offer you two options. First, whether you want to keep your files and data or if you would like completely start afresh by removing everything. If you pick the second option, it will remove all your personal files, apps and settings so make sure you’ve already thoroughly backed up all your data beforehand as it will renew Windows allowing you to start from scratch.
  • Before you jump to the next step, you can also customize a few settings by selecting the “Change Settings” option. Here you can pick how you want to deal with data, whether you want a complete erasure or you’re willing to remove all the files from the drive where Windows is installed.
  • Once you’re done selecting, tap on “Next”.
  • Windows will now get ready and shortly being the process to reset your Windows to factory settings. It will also notify you with a list of apps that will be removed once you restore to default settings. But don’t worry! You can take a note of all these apps and again install it from the Windows store.
  • Last but not least, whenever you’re ready hit the “Reset” button. The Reset process will begin shortly and might take a while. Your PC will also restart a few times in the midst of this process so keep it plugged to a power source to avoid any kind of hindrance.
  • And you’re now good to go! Enter your login information, install all your favorite apps, and get ready to begin an all-new Windows experience.

Wrap Up

So, folks, this ends our quick guide on how to factory reset Windows 10 to its default settings to start afresh. Once you factory reset the Windows, you will certainly experience an improvement in performance as your Windows will be light and freshly installed, just like a brand-new machine.

Also, to gear up and keep your Windows in a healthy state, you can download the “Advanced System Optimizer” tool which is one of the most powerful and reliable solutions to keep your Windows optimized. The Advanced System Optimizer tool is designed to keep in mind your PC needs, allows you to get rid of junk files, helps to loads files faster and makes your Windows PC run faster than ever before. So, what are you waiting for? Download now and give your Windows the fuel that it needs!

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