Things You Should Never Do With Your Smartphone

There was a time when sending letters was the only way to communicate with those who stayed far from us.  Technology has come in like a blessing, making it easy to stay in touch with our loved ones, anywhere and anytime. Developers keep adding features to these devices which help us utilize our smartphones more efficiently. Every smartphone comes with a user manual but there are certain things which you should never do with your smartphone to ensure its safe to use and also increases its life.

1. Do not let your Smartphone Overheat:

We often here about smartphones blasting.  Even the best smartphones in market may blast because of overheating. You should always prevent your phone from overheating. Most of the smartphones automatically get turned off when they are overheated but you should also be careful about the temperature of your device. Continuous use of some heavy applications may heat up your device if your smartphone is just with the basic hardware. Another thing which you can do to avoid overheating is to avoid taking calls when it is on charging.

overheating of smartphone

2. Avoid Using Apps from Unknown Sources:

For every Smartphone either Android or iOS, you can get some applications which are not available on Play Store or App Store but somehow you can still get them on your Smartphone. But actually you should not go for such applications you might have read this in many articles but these applications add additional functionality to your devices that is why many times we get trapped with these apps. However, did you know that these apps may misuse your personal information or the data on your Smartphone? So, you should always install apps from trusted sources.

3. Avoid Overnight Charging:

Most of us prefer to charge our smartphone when we are sleeping and not using it but that doesn’t mean that you should keep your phone for charging for such long hours. Sometimes adverse effects of overcharging are not visible instantly but it can ruin the battery back up in long term and you may notice that battery of your device is drains sooner than expected.

4. Do not Keep WIFI or Bluetooth Turned on all the Time:

Specially on Android device we frequently use Bluetooth or WiFi direct to transfer files but these features should not be kept turned on all the time and when they are turned on you should not receive any file which you do not know about. Apart from this if you will keep your WiFi turned on all the time your device will keep connecting to unsecured WiFi networks which is also risky for the security of your device.

wifi bluetooth turned on

5. Do not put weight over your Smartphone:

We keep our Smartphone in our pockets, bags and backpacks but one thing should be kept in mind that your phone should not be squeezed or should not have heavy weight over it. Sometimes we keep our Smartphone in the back pocket but it may spoil the display. Because of excessive pressure, the  screen may get damaged internally. Though it will look normal but you may see some dead pixels or blurred display.

putting weight on smartphone

So these were 5 most common things which we do with our Smartphone but ideally should not. So keep in mind these things and keep enjoying your device for a long time.

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