5 Best Alternate Ways To Keep Your CPU Cool

Is your processor overheating? Or tired of poor performance? Well, this is a sign that your system might need some care. Overheating can make your system slow and can lead to poor performance.

Generally, systems overheat because of processors that are running out of date and can’t take much instructions from the user. Or, you are using your system hard and fast for hardcore gaming and other purposes. This may lead to damaging your processor.

In this blog, we will talk about the ways to keep your CPU cool by using solution, devices and software. Check out the list and make your system run smoothly by using these solutions.

1. Thermal Paste

Thermal paste

No machinery made by man is perfect. So is the CPU, after assembling a CPU, the air spaces at points are left unfilled. This is where thermal paste comes into role. Thermal paste is also called thermal gel, thermal compound and thermal grease. Thermal paste is used to fill the air gaps left between the heat sink and the CPU that results in improved performance and overall cooling. There are various types of thermal pastes that include metal based paste, ceramic, silicon and carbon-based. It seals the boundaries of gaps in the CPU, through which we achieve lower temperature and can keep our system cool from overheating.

2. Heat Sink

Heat sink

It is a device that is attached with the micro processing chip of the CPU. Heat Sink works as a heat exchanger that absorbs the heat of the processor and releases the heat into the air. Heat sinks are made up of aluminum or copper, which are good absorbers of heat. There are various types of heat sinks. Active Heat Sink and Passive Heat Sink are two of the most used for dissipating heat. Whenever the temperature is high, heat sink absorbs the heat and lowers the temperature that gives the best results for improved performance and overheating problems as well. If your processor is slowing down because of overheating, you should change your heat sink immediately.

3. CPU Coolers

CPU Coolers

The most used way to keep your CPU cool is by using CPU coolers that is an active cooling solution, which requires power to run. Coolers come with heat pipes and fin structure. They are installed above the heat sinks, so that it ensures that the air could pass through making temperature of the processor low. CPU coolers come with advanced features like balanced cooling performance, ultra-compact with reduced noise, and has heat pipes for ideal conduction.

4. SpeedFan


SpeedFan is a software made for controlling the temperature, fan speed and monitoring the voltage. It can access the disk temperatures by using digital temperature sensors and can change fan speed for low noise processor at the time of overheating. This software is capable of reporting the speed of each fan and can change the fan speed based on the current temperature of the processor. SpeedFan can be of help to those who play heavy games over low processors and motherboards.

5. Immersion Cooling For Super Computers Or Server Rooms

Cooling for server rooms

Immersion cooling is a technique that cools down your system without using extra energy. In this technique, the systems are immersed in the dielectric liquid that is thermally conductive, which has a lower boiling point than water. After immersing, the system heat generated is transferred directly to the liquid, therefore making the temperature of the components low and reducing heat. The heat circulation is passive here because of the evaporation process. This process uses less electricity and cost to cool down the processor as compared to other methods of cooling down the system.

By using these things, you can cool down your processor and can make your system run smoother.

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