6 Best Battery Health Check Software For Windows 11/10 PC

Do you ever wonder how healthy your laptop or computer’s battery is? Have you ever wondered if your laptop battery is performing at its optimal level? The longevity of your Windows 11 PC/Laptop’s battery largely depends on its health. If you’ve observed a decline in the battery life of your device lately, the battery’s health has probably deteriorated.

Therefore, it’s important to know how to examine your laptop’s battery health on Windows 11. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the 6 best PC/laptop battery health check software for Windows 11/10.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

6 Best Battery Health Check Software For Windows 11/10

As time passes, the battery of your pc/laptop undergoes numerous charging cycles, which leads to a decline in its full charge capacity. This gradual reduction in capacity causes a noticeable deviation from the initial battery capacity that was available when you first purchased the device.

Battery health refers to the remaining percentage of the original battery capacity that your laptop retains. It is a crucial indicator of your laptop’s overall battery performance and helps you determine when it’s time to take action to preserve or replace the battery.

So let’s take a look at the 6 best battery health check software for Windows 11/10 devices.

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1. Via Command Prompt

I know it is not a software/tool you are expecting in this list but trust me it is worth mentioning here. It is a powerful command-line interpreter that allows users to perform various tasks on their Windows operating system using a command-line interface. With the command prompt, users can execute various system commands, run scripts, automate tasks, and troubleshoot issues on their devices. To check your laptop’s battery follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Search icon from the Taskbar and type the command and hit the Enter key.
  • Open the Command Prompt by choosing the Run as Administrator option.
  • Now type this exact code and press the Enter key: powercfg /batteryreport.
  • Then go to this exact path/location and double-click on the HTML file of battery-report: C:\Windows\System32


Once generated, the battery report provides a comprehensive overview of your laptop’s battery. This includes essential details such as the number of batteries installed, recent usage patterns, battery capacity history, and other related information. Now go towards the Installed batteries section and look for the Design Capacity and Full Charge Capacity. If both the values are equal then your laptop or PC’s battery is at 100% capacity.

Battery report

In case the value of full charge capacity is lower than the design capacity then it indicated that your battery health is dropped.

Installed batteries

2. BatteryInfoView


Amidst the plethora of battery health checker apps available in the market, there is one that stands out for being both free and user-friendly: BatteryInfoView. This application provides a wealth of essential information about your Windows 11 laptop’s battery, such as its, current and designed capacity, power state, health, voltage, and more. Additionally, it offers the convenience of exporting these battery statistics in a text, CSV file, or in HTML document.

  • Click this link and download a zip file of it.
  • Extract it and double-tap on the BatteryInfoView (Application) icon and it will show you all the necessary stats related to your battery.

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3. Battery Care

Battery Care

BatteryCare is a battery health check software that helps users optimize their laptop’s battery performance. This software provides users with essential details about their laptop’s battery health, such as its current and maximum capacity, wear level, and charge cycle count.

Additionally, BatteryCare features a power plan switcher that allows users to switch between power plans quickly, depending on their usage. BatteryCare is incredibly lightweight, allowing users to utilize it without worrying about taking up too much storage space.

Download it from here.

4. Battery Bar

Battery Bar

Another popular battery health check software is BatteryBar. This software provides users with a detailed analysis of their laptop’s battery performance, such as its current and maximum capacity, discharge rate, and battery wear level. Additionally, BatteryBar displays a battery status icon on the taskbar, making it easy to keep track of your battery life. Customizations are supported by the software, which means that you won’t have to spend a lot of time deciphering the results. The Basic version of the software is free to download, but if you want additional features, you’ll need to shell out $8 for the Pro version.

Download it from here.

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5. Pure Battery Analytics

Pure Battery Analytics

This application is a well-crafted tool that allows you to keep track of your laptop’s battery health with ease. Its Quick Glance screen provides you with an overview of your battery’s current status and lets you access frequently used settings that affect your device’s battery life. Additionally, it displays the Full Charge and Design Capacity of your laptop’s battery, giving you a comprehensive understanding of its current health status.

The Analytics panel displays four various graph views—a bar graph, a line graph, a bubble view, and a column view—to show you how the battery percentage has changed over time.

Download it from here.

6. BatteryMon


BatteryMon is a battery health check software that provides users with a detailed analysis of their laptop’s battery performance. This software provides users with information about their battery’s current and maximum capacity, discharge rate, and remaining battery life. Additionally, BatteryMon features a real-time graph that shows the battery’s performance over time, making it easy to monitor any changes in the battery’s health.

The only downside of this tool is the graph it presents. If you are not familiar with it, you may find it challenging to comprehend the data. The software can be downloaded for free, but if you want access to additional features, you will need to purchase it for $28.

Download it from here.

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To Wrap This Up

PC or Laptop Battery health check software is an essential tool for any laptop user who wants to optimize their device’s battery performance. The six battery health check software mentioned in this article offers a range of features and capabilities to help users monitor and improve their laptop’s battery health. So, download one of these software today and start taking care of your laptop’s battery health.

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