How to Maximize Battery Life on Windows 10

If you recently upgraded to Windows 10 or bought a new Windows 10 computer, then you might face issues such as your battery draining fast. Actually, the default settings of windows 10 are designed to deliver best performance and best visual effects but all the time you may not necessary require them. Sometimes saving power or making your battery to last long may more important for you. If saving power is more important on Windows 10, then this article will certainly help you. Here is how you can maximize Windows 10 battery life.

1. Turn on Power Saver

Windows 10 by default comes with power saver mode by default so the first thing you should do to enhance battery life should be turning power saver mode. You can do this by going to settings>System>Battery Saver. You will find a switch and you can toggle it on to enable power saver on your windows 10 computer. Not only this you can also customize power plan from here by clicking Battery use>Current battery saver settings.

Turn on power saver

2. Uninstall Apps and Software you do not Use

On every computer, there are applications that you installed and never used them again. These applications consume resources every time you use your computer, as they keep running in background. So, it is better to review installed programs and remove the apps you do not use at all. To view the list of applications installed on your computer go to Control panel >Remove programs. Uninstalling unnecessary applications from your computer is an effective way to boost Windows 10 battery life.

3. Wi-Fi Bluetooth and Other Settings

All modern computers are equipped with WIFI and Bluetooth for easy sharing and connectivity. These features however make it easier to connect devices to your computer but you should only turn on them when it is required otherwise they keep scanning for devices around and this process consumes battery so it is always a good idea to turn these adapters on only when you want to connect through them. After that you should turn them off.

Wi-Fi Bluetooth and other settings

4. Avoid Overheating

Overheating is another factor responsible for excessive battery consumption on your Windows 10 Laptop. Overheating can be caused because of two factors which are internal or external factors. When you continuously run heavy applications on your computer it gets overheated because of processor clock running all the time. On the other hand, when vents on your system are not open properly the cooling system of your device faces to work properly which results in overheating. In both the cases your system fan need to run in top speed to through the heat outside and this consumes a lot of battery.

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5. Turn on Adaptive Brightness

Like our smartphones Windows 10 also comes with a feature which allows users to turn on adaptive brightness. Enabling adaptive brightness is an effective way to improve Windows 10 battery life. With this feature enabled, your system will automatically dim the screen in dark and set the brightness to provide you the best vision. At any point if you realize that brightness is high then you can lower it down using hard keys on your system. Brightness level is an important factor to maximize Windows 10 battery life like our smartphones and thankfully windows 10 is having this feature inbuilt which helps user to set adaptive brightness.

Turn on Adaptive brightness

This is how you can improve Windows 10 battery life. There are few more factors which can help you to improve battery life such as you should not use so much peripherals when you are running on battery, keeping system volume muted or on the lower level when you are not playing any music or video. So, these small tips can help to enhance battery life on windows 10 thus you can have better computing experience.

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