How To Fix Missing Battery Time Estimate In Windows 11

Though, it’s straightforward when it comes to keep track of how much power is left in your laptop battery. The standard process includes, observing a percentage and an estimated amount of battery life are shown when you hover the mouse over the battery symbol in the System Tray.

Sometimes, the time estimate disappears, leaving you to calculate the remaining usage time by percentage only. If your notebook’s battery life estimate has suddenly disappeared, follow these instructions to restore it.

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How To Fix Missing Battery Time Estimate In Windows 11?

Use The Windows Registry To Enable The Battery Time Estimate

The battery time estimate is a component of the OS, regardless of what caused it to disappear. And it can appear again with a little Registry editing. Prior to making any changes, it is usually a good idea to back up the Registry before proceeding it.

Steps To Take A Registry Backup

Step 1: To open the RUN box, press Win + R on your keyboard.

Step 2: Enter regedit into the text box and click OK button.

Step 3: If you receive a UAC prompt box, click Yes button.

Step 4: Choose “Computer” after the Windows Registry window has opened (the first key on the left pane).

When exporting the file, click “Computer” because doing so will create a comprehensive backup of all Registry entries and keys.

Step 5: Navigate to the File tab while holding down the “Computer” key, then select the ‘Export’ button from the dropdown menu.

Step 6: Give your Registry backup a file name and select the location where you want to save it!

Step 1: Press Win + R to open the RUN box.

Step 2: Type Regedit in the text space of the RUN box and press Enter.

Step 3: Once the Registry Window opens, copy the following path and paste it into the address bar of the Registry box followed by Enter.


Registry Window opens

Step 4: If your PC’s Registry contains no Power key then you will navigate to the prior key, in this case, Control.

Step 5: Make a right click on the Control key in the left panel, and select New followed by Key. Rename this key as Power.

Control key in the left panel

Step 6: Now, make a right click on the Power key and choose New followed by DWORD (32bit) Value. Rename this key as EnergyEstimationEnabled.

Step 7: Double-click on EnergyEstimationEnabled and change the value data to 1. Click on OK.

Step 8: Create two more keys by following the same process explained in Step 6. Rename these keys as EnergyEstimationDisabled and UserBatteryDischargeEstimator.

Do not change the value data of these two keys.

Restart your laptop and then exit the Registry Editor. The predicted amount of time should be displayed when you hover your cursor over the battery symbol in the System Tray.

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Final Words |How To Fix Missing Battery Time Estimate In Windows 11/10 PC

It’s unlikely that being unable to view the estimated battery life left will keep you awake at night. Nonetheless, if you use your laptop away from a power source, it is a useful function. Fortunately, the issue can be resolved by spending a short amount of time modifying the Registry, allowing you to always know when your battery life will run out.

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