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Vikram Dharmadhikari

Being a software engineer, he tends to write about latest technologies and computer problems & easy solutions for the same. He loves to play cricket and tries to take full advantage of the technology available at hand.

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error on Windows 10

Have you ever got USB device not recognized error while you connected a USB device to Windows 10? Then you are not the only one who received this, as this is a very common error and most of the users come across this. Don’t have any id...


How To Secure Windows 10 With Dynamic Lock Feature

Amongst the new features that Windows 10 has added, one of them is, “Dynamic Lock”. It is another hidden feature provided in Windows 10 and was launched with the Creators update. However, many users are still not aware of this feature. ...


How to Fix “SystemUI Has Stopped Error” on Android

Many users have faced the “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” error while using their Android phones. While this may be irritating and frustrating, but the good part is that there are some solutions to this problem. So, in this artic...


How To Fix Google Play Store Error 963

Many Android users are getting an error called “Can’t be downloaded” with a code error 963. The error comes when you try to download, install or update apps from Google Play Store. If you are getting this error while updating an app, ...


How to Mirror/Cast Your Android Phone Display On Windows 10 PC

Android phone market has seen exponential growth over the years. They are popular for their availability, ease to use and the low cost. There are many entertainment apps available on Google Play Store that we use on daily basis on our phone...


How To Get Rid Of Shortcut Virus From Windows 10

Sometimes, it may so happen that all our folders and files are changed to shortcut folders, which is a frustrating situation for us in case the folder contains some important files. Most of us delete these shortcut folders but find that aft...


How To Fix “Unable To Right-Click On Windows 10 Desktop”

Some Windows 10 users encounter the problem of not getting context menu while right-clicking on desktop. In this article, we will show some solutions that will be helpful to enable the right-click menu, if it has disappeared from your deskt...


How to Transfer Data/Files Between Laptops Using SHAREit

There was a time when data sharing between computers was a tedious task. Most of the time, you needed to carry USB flash drive or hard disk or LAN cable, to make a data transfer. But now in smart world, there are many free applications a...


How To Enable JavaScript In Web Browsers

Nowadays, most of the websites use JavaScript, a scripting language which runs on the browser. It is used to display sharing buttons, menu buttons and other specific features. However, if it gets disabled due to some reason or due to your a...