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Vikram Dharmadhikari

Being a software engineer, he tends to write about latest technologies and computer problems & easy solutions for the same. He loves to play cricket and tries to take full advantage of the technology available at hand.

How to Fix Headphone Not Working on Windows 10

Some Windows 10 users have reportedly faced problems when using headphones/earphones on their computers or laptops. Although this wasn’t an issue, but has been reported by several users after Windows 10 Creators Update. So, if you are ...


5 Solutions for “Cannot Delete Files/Folder Error” in Windows 11

Few days back, when I tried to delete a file on my Windows 10 laptop. Suddenly I got an error message which says, “The file cannot be deleted”. It is very annoying for me as I wish to delete this file, as it has occupied my disk space u...


10 Best Google Tricks and Secrets

Do you know that Google has numerous tricks and secrets inside it? You might not believe but that’s true! We have researched and tried all the tricks which are unique and exciting. In this article, we are showing you the best 10 hidden se...


5 Must Have Accessories For Gamers

Olympic Council of Asia announced that the eSports will become a medal sport event at the 2022 Asian Games. So, if you are a gamer, you have so much time to prepare. But for all these preparations, you must know the perfect gaming essential...


Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With SwiftKey

Smartphones have replaced laptops for daily tasks such as writing notes and other important tasks. But in all tasks, that involve writing, keyboard plays an important role in all these smart devices. Android devices allows you to customi...


How to Disable/Turn Off ‘Tap to Wake’ feature on iPhone X

iPhone X has numerous new features and one of them is ‘Tap to Wake’ to make it easier for iPhone X users to check incoming calls and notifications. However, sometimes convenience becomes an annoyance when your device wakes up unneces...


6 Ways To Fix Limited Connectivity Issue On Windows 10

Many a times we have seen the error ‘Limited Connectivity’ on the Windows 10 notification bar. It is a very common error that often appears when we connect internet to our PC using mobile hotspot. But what if you’re trying to connect ...


5 Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2023

AdSense has a very important role for bloggers and professional writers. But sometimes, bloggers are unable to get approval from Google AdSense. In such times some alternatives of AdSense would prove real handy. This especially happens with...


How To Install Printer Via IP Address In Windows 10

Nowadays, printer is an essential need for everyone whether someone owns a small business or is a student. While most of the work has become digital but sometimes the need for hard copy of documents does arise. Printers have come a long ...