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Preeti Seth

A tech enthusiast who started her career as a technical support agent understands the importance of problem-solving. Being in the IT industry for almost 12 years she has a vision to help people with troubleshooting. She specializes in curating articles about the latest update in the tech world. In her free time, she loves reading mystery, sci-fi books, and travelling.

How to Fix YouTube Audio Stuttering in Chrome on Windows

Unstable & stuttering audio is the common reason for spoiling the YouTube video experience. If you encounter this issue on YouTube while using Chrome on Windows, here are the fixes. YouTube buffering and audio stuttering are very ann...


Top Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks So Far -2022

Cyber attacks are no longer a future threat. Its a present danger and the cyber perils are rampant. This post highlights the top ten cases of 2022. Unfortunately, data breaches and leaks are profitable. This is why nasty people on the i...


Fileless Malware – Everything That You Need To Know About It

Malware comes in various different forms and intensities and here we are going to discuss one of the most dangerous malware out there, the Fileless Malware. The name itself raises a lot of curiosity, as to how can this malware be spread w...


Google Play Pass – All You Need to Know About It

With the launch of the Google Play Pass- mobile gaming streaming service in 2019 in the US, Google stepped into the world of gaming. And now, with the announcement of making it available for Indian users, it has moved one step further. The ...


How to Fix atieclxx.exe Process in Windows 11/10 | Is It a Virus?

Many Scam Tech Support companies spread rumors that atieclxx.exe, winlogon.exe, and the csrss.exe legitimate processes are viruses to fool users and make money. Read this post, until the end if you have second thoughts about the atieclxx.ex...


How to Record on Peacock on Windows / Mac

Are you wondering whether you can record on Peacock or not? Read this guide to learn how to record Peacock videos.  Peacock is a video streaming service that allows customers to watch TV episodes, sports, and movies online. On this stream...


What To Expect From Apple This Year In Its Different Events

Probably there’s nothing about Apple that hasn’t been said before. The company has long been held up as the definitive example of how a corporation can not just succeed but thrive in the most demanding eras. While so much of Apple’s s...


How To Take A Partial Screenshot

Learn manual and automatic ways to take partial screenshots on Windows PC. However, if you want to edit the screenshot simultaneously, use TweakShot screen capture too. The software helps in capturing partial screenshots and even editing th...