How to Fix atieclxx.exe Process in Windows 11/10 | Is It a Virus?

Many Scam Tech Support companies spread rumors that atieclxx.exe, winlogon.exe, and the csrss.exe legitimate processes are viruses to fool users and make money. Read this post, until the end if you have second thoughts about the atieclxx.exe representing the AMD ATI External Events Client Module.

Users go to Task Manager to check the CPU or memory usage. If there’s an unknown process occupying too much CPU and RAM, we take it as a virus. Here’s what you need to know about atieclxx.exe. It’s a light process associated with the ATI External Event Utility. It manages the ATI feature and is set to run at startup.

Is atieclxx.exe a virus?

A virus is capable of disguising itself as a legitimate process. Therefore, check the file’s location when in doubt to confirm whether the process is genuine or not. In the case of atieclxx.exe, if the file’s location is C:\Windows\System32, it is a genuine file. Right-click on the Task Manager > Open Location process to check the location. If the location is exact, as mentioned, it is genuine; if not, it’s time to scan the system using an antivirus.

Note:- Since the atiedxx.exe is an executable file, in certain situations, it can cause harm to your PC. However, in normal cases, the atiedxx.exe process is not a virus; it is a component of AMD External Event. Windows 10 can live without it, and it can cause high CPU or memory.

If the atiedxx.exe is located in a folder under C:\Program Files, you should take action.

Is the atieclxx.exe critical to the system? Can you kill the process?

Atieclxx.exe is associated with your AMD hardware, and it is not a system process. If you kill the process, the system won’t crash.

To end the process, disabling the parent service is suggested. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Press Win + R to open the Run window.

2. Enter services.msc command.

3. Locate AMD External Events Utility in the Service Manager > right-click on it > Properties.


4. Click on the Stop button.

5. Next, change the Startup Type to Disabled > Apply > Ok.


6. Restart the system.

How to Remove Infected Atieclxx.exe

To delete malicious atieclxx.exe from your PC, you can use Systweak Antivirus, one of the best antivirus tools that helps safeguard your PC. The antivirus tool offers a powerful scanning engine detecting old and latest threats. To use the tool, follow these steps:

1. Download and Install Systweak Antivirus.

2. Run the best protection tool for Windows PC.

3. Select Deep Scan by clicking the Scan Types option from the left pane.

Deep Scan

  • Deep Scan– scans folders, subfolders, and each part of the system for threats lurking threats.

Note: Deep Scan is time-consuming; therefore, use it when the system is in an idle state.

4. Wait for the scanning process to finish.

scanning process

5. Review scanning results and clean the infections by clicking Protect Now.

6. When done, you will see a threat result in summary form for the action performed. You can export this data by clicking the Export Data option.

Threat result

7. Restart the system to apply changes, and that is it.

That’s it, using these simple steps and the powerful Systweak Antivirus, you can clean malware infection from your PC. The tool will detect all the malicious files and help keep the computer safe from the latest threats. Using it, you can schedule scanning and maintain the system protected against any type of threats. Using it is very simple; even a novice user can use it without any training. We hope you will give it a try and clean all the infections from your PC.

If you have any questions or problems with the product, send an email to [email protected].

We hope this guide helps understand doubts about the atieclxx.exe process.

FAQs –

What is ATI atieclxx, and how to use it?

Atieclxx.exe is an executable file associated with the ATI External Event Utility for Windows. The file manages the ATI Hotkey feature. Although not an essential Windows file, you can disable it or end the process if you want.

Can I disable Atieclxx?

Since atieclxx.exe is not a system process, you can disable it not to crash the PC.

How do I fix Atieclxx exe?

To get rid of infected Atieclxx.exe, use Systweak Antivirus, an updated security tool, and follow the steps explained above to clean the infections.
Is atieclxx Exe a virus?

No, it is not a virus if the atieclxx.exe is located under C:\Windows\System32. However, if it is located in a folder under C:\Program Files, the file is infected.

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