Mridula Nimawat

Mridula Nimawat is a tech enthusiast and works as a content writer at WeTheGeek Blog. Apart from being the digital content creator she holds a professional degree in Electronics and communication. You can also find her in the YouTube videos explaining the tech savvy community. More frequently writing about Android and Windows problem solving articles.

Author: Mridula Nimawat

For Windows 10, How-To - 2021-10-19

How To Get Rid Of Chromium Malware

While using your computer when you see any activity which is unusual or seems suspicious, it is always a good practice to check your recent downloads. Since Chromium malware is notably a common issue when it is downloaded as a silent add-on program along with the free software program. To avoid getting the malware in…

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For Windows 10, How-To - 2020-01-23

How to Use Your Phone App In Windows 10?

Do you struggle while transferring your photos from your phone to PC?  Do you access files on different devices by emailing them to yourself or by connecting your phone via USB?  If we tell you that, you can get rid of these meticulous ways, by using the latest feature from Windows 10. Yes, this is…

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How-To - 2020-03-16

How To Watch Youtube Videos Blocked In Your Country

YouTube is the most popular video streaming services by Google. It has viewers across the globe, and people love it the most for being a free service. However, some YouTube videos are not available to watch in your country. There can be various reasons for the same: Popular one being the video owners choosing to…

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Top 10 - 2020-12-09

Best Free Online Podcast Players 2021

A podcast is a radio and TV combined in general terms. It can be better defined as a series of audio and video files played on any device. Also known as netcast,  it lets its users download the complete series automatically as and when they are published. You might be surprised to know how many…

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For Android - 2020-12-08

Manage Your Contacts On Phone With Duplicate Contacts Fixer

It gets problematic to look for the right contact when you have several contacts saved with the same name. Texting, making calls, sharing a contact- these simple processes can confuse you if the contacts are not organized. Over time, the contacts data from all the cellular devices we have used so far has been stored…

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Tech News - 2021-11-15

Whatsapp Fails To Prove Its Safety For Users

According to a recent report by Tech Crunch, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has yet again shown to us that it’s not capable of providing security to its users. According to a bug report by Facebook, WhatsApp was open for spyware to be installed into phones. This has created a threat to WhatsApp users all over the world….

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The Firefox logo isn’t a fox

It is a common misbelief that the furry creature in the Firefox logo is a fox thanks to its name. But it is rather a Red Panda.