How Much Data Is Being Used By Your Streaming Service?

Do you often find yourself questioning ‘How much data am I using?”. Be it binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix or the latest vlogs by your favorite YouTube star. You are using data for each and every video you stream online, no matter how short. To keep a check on the usage is much more important because you don’t want to end up using all of it mid-month. Your nightmare might come true if you don’t keep tabs on your smartphone data consumption.

We all keep the mobile apps running entertainment for us night and day. Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Hulu, HBO Now, Stan, Spotify, the list goes on. There are so many apps available for all kinds of streaming services.

How To Check Data Usage?

We are now aware of why we need to check internet data usage. Here we discuss how to check data consumption. On the Android phone, we can do this by installing an app which makes our work easier. To work as a data usage meter, we suggest a great tool for your Android phone, Check Data Usage.

How To Check Data Usage

Simply download the app from Play Store, and give it a run to check your data usage on Android phone.

It’s easy to use an app, which will notify you when you cross your limit set for the data use every day.

Key Features:

  • Maintains the data limit for Phone data and Wi-Fi.
  • Monitors the data use for each app.
  • Create reports for weekly, monthly use.
  • Stops background services
  • Notifies you for exceeding the limit.

Once you get this app for your Android phone, you can set up a data plan.

check data usage

Set Data Plan:

  1. Enter a number for data limit choose from MB, GB, TB to set a data plan.
  2. Select for how many days do you want to set the limit.


  1. Select the starting and ending dates for the data limit.
  2. Next and importantly Set an Alert, which will notify you before you reach the full data consumption. You can customize when you would like to be alerted.
  3. Click on Set Plan and you are done.

Moreover, you can exclude certain apps which you require to watch daily. You can also remove the set plan, saved summary in Settings, by going to restore to default.

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How To Limit Data Usage For Different Apps

You don’t have to worry as you don’t need to cut on your daily dosage of using streaming services. We bring you the solutions to how you can optimize these apps usage for lesser data.

First, you need to break the habit of watching the 4K or Ultra HD videos. Go to your apps and check the Button for downloading the next episode. Next, go to watching the videos in standard or low quality.

You can find out how much data are you using by trying out yourself. Go to Settings in your Phone, under the section Connections or Networks select Data usage. It shows you the data consumed by each app for a daily or monthly basis. This varies from device to device, but you can easily locate the Data usage in your smartphones.

Now you can track your data consumption and keep it in the set limit. We can give you a rough estimate of what it is for a few famous streaming services.

According to it, watching videos on Netflix in standard quality for one hour will use 300MB of data. While watching the same amount of video for the same time in 4K will consume almost 7GB of data. The difference is evident and we can limit data usage by changing the quality in the app settings.

For YouTube, the usual consumption is approximately 600MB per hour for the standard quality (480p resolution). It goes up by 3GB for 1080p resolution.

Amazon Prime Video uses 400MB per hour in standard definition, but 6GB of data for an hour in 4K view. This means it almost doubles

Hulu only offers video quality up to 1080p resolution it will not consume 3GB for one hour. And for its standard video quality version, this is around the other streaming services as it is 700MB.

Spotify is the top music streaming app, which plays music for fewer data. It only uses 150MB per hour for extreme quality and much lower for normal quality i.e.40MB.


You can always limit your data consumption for the phone, use the app Check Data usage for Android. Doing so will help you in making the most of it and it will last longer. Decide on which quality you want to watch the videos on streaming services to save the data.  You can estimate Netflix streaming data usage by the time of watching videos.

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