6 Best Internet Security Apps For Mac

Regardless of what people say about Mac being impervious to malware, it is always advisable to get antivirus software. As the number of Mac users is increasing, the threat increases proportionally. To secure you from any activity that could cause trouble to your system. Malware can potentially harm your operating system and steal your data. You can be an easy target if you don’t have a security tool installed to save you from cyber-attacks. We will cover the 6 best Internet Security Apps for Mac in this article.

Why You Need Internet Security Software On Mac?

Against the general norm, Mac users are prone to get malware as much as Windows users. This has been a wrong conception that people don’t need to install a tool because it is already secure. Since the interaction with portable disks and drives and constant download from internet, Mac is giving a gateway to malware. macOS is built with the Unix layout which provides tight security but the access to the internet makes it vulnerable.

6 Best Internet Security Software For Mac

To keep your system safe and secure it from threats and viruses, we have listed some of the best Mac internet security software.

1. Systweak Anti-Malware

Systweak-Antimalware-for-mac for internet security
Systweak Anti-malware for Mac provides a complete solution for securing your system from adware, malware and viruses. The use of this much-recommended product will boost your system performance and save you from any malicious threats. Running the scan for your Mac to ensure there are no viruses or bugs in your system. It tends to instantly remove the malicious apps, software and files that can corrupt the system.

Systweak Anti-Malware for Mac will scan your browser extensions for any suspicious activity. It is a great tool for you macOS as it allows you to scan plug-ins, addons and widgets for Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Two types of scans are available – Quick scan, which looks for the most vulnerable areas on your system for malicious and infected files. The other is Deep Scan, which will run a complete scan on your system for full-proof protection. You can schedule a scan with Systweak Anti-malware to guard your Mac and you don’t have to keep a note to run the scan.  Another great thing about Systweak Anti-Malware is regular database updates that keeps even the latest Mac malware at bay.

Pros Cons
Complete protection from malware, adware and spyware User interface can improve
Updated database for malware New in market
Scans plug-ins, add- ons and extensions for browsers

Get it here

2. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Mac

Kaspersky features parental control, locking webcam, and restrict sites from tracking your browsing activity. Before installing the software, you must check the operating system’s version. Once you have installed software, launch the app and initiate the scan. Choose from – Quick Scan or Full Scan. It will scan the threats and find out the malicious files and fix them. When browsing online, it pops up a warning message for the sites which seem contentious. Webcam can be locked and thus preventing sites from using it without your knowledge.

Although it has been found that running the scan timely will detect all kinds of malware on Mac. If it still misses one or two you can try repeating the Full Scan which takes a longer period of time. The best feature of this is the parental control which also restricts the children from sharing personal information online. It will restrict them from viewing the content which is not safe for their age. It also offers packages to be used on your PC and mobile together. Other than that, you can also get a package to share the software within your family.

Pros Cons
Parental control Slow scan
Safe Banking Transaction Misses a few viruses
Lock Webcam The scan does not start on default
Schedule Scan

It is a good choice to guard your Mac against internet attacks, and secure your personal data on your Mac.

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3. Sophos

Sophos for Mac

Sophos is good for the Mac users which are not using the system for any commercial use. It is free to use for certain features and that can be enough for the users. It is light on your system and does not even have to be on your system as an app. The scan results are shown online which is saving up space for your system. However, it can also be a problem as it only helps in detecting the threats online. It cannot remove these threats as it does require access to the Mac operating system. But it will keep warning you with the message notification.

Its interface consists of a simple Menu bar and a pop-up notification where you choose to start the scan. The full scan option is good to go for acquiring any details on which virus has affected you. 

Pros Cons
Detects virus accurately Does not always delete all virus
Free of cost  Not good for commercial use
Remote management

If it is helping you to find out all the threats online correctly, this is a good tool to use for internet security for Mac.

4. Intego Mac Internet Security X9


Intego is one of the best for providing internet security for Mac according to us. It will prevent you from threats found in real time. Safe surfing and Firewall component comes as plugins along with the purchase of Intego Mac internet Security X9.

It comprises of two parts – Virus Barrier and Net Barrier. The NetBarrier is protecting you from unauthorized access when you are working online. Whereas VirusBarrier is working against the malware, protecting your system from getting corrupt. It blocks a connection with an unsafe website and also warns you when using any public Wifi. It will help you to identify the rogue applications which are able to access the internet and fix them.

Pros Cons
Real-time protection Slow scan
Blocks unsolicited visitors Slows down the system
Location-based firewall
Easy configuration

Try the free version to test if it meets the need for Mac internet security software.

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5. Bitdefender


It searches every link on Google search to identify the bad links. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is best-rated mac internet security software against all. For all the features it provides as antispam, firewall, multi layer ransomware, ad-ware, Safe online banking, Wifi security, webcam protection. It is a web attack prevention software for Mac, which doesn’t affect the system’s performance.

To reduce the danger of virus infliction in your system, it keeps running in the background. Bitdefender ensures you complete safety with its great features in one account.

Pros Cons
Light on system Not easy to use
Low Price Separate download for Mobile
Online backup storage

It upgrades automatically as a part of a subscription, that’s how it is designed to protect your Mac.

6. Norton Security

Norton security Mac

Norton is a renowned name among computer users. Norton Security provides the security to all the operating systems be it PC, smartphones or tablets. You can choose from the plans as per your requirements. Norton protects your system from malware and online threats. Once installed, it recommends you to get two plugin Safe Keep and Identity Safe. These are to protect you from getting any kind of privacy breach while browsing the internet.

The safety is always ensured as it stays running the check with Protection enabled by default. You can additionally have it running it the background without being informed with the summary from time to time. This is like an undemanding worker which is doing its work proficiently. So this is a very recommended product to get for the safety of Mac. One major drawback is that you can only get it for your Mac version macOS 10.10 and further. It provides you with parental control to prevent your children from surfing certain websites or to upload sensitive information

Pros Cons
Easy to use Only supported the latest versions of Mac
Creates Backup files A separate plan for mobiles
Quick Scan

It is an excellent tool to detect malware in your Mac, so you should get this one for its effective work.


It is a good decision to invest in internet security for Mac, as a small investment runs a long way. As sometimes when you visit unsafe websites or tend to download apps and files from them, security is at stake. We have listed the best internet security apps for Mac with their best features. You choose them as per your requirements after analysing their use in your Mac.

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