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How To Check Your System Uptime On Windows 11

You may wish to check your computer's uptime in order to keep an eye on its performance. While diagnosing your computer or doing routine maintenance, this information might also be useful. A number of options are available on your Windows 1...


How To Enable “End Task” Option On The Windows 11 Taskbar

When an application has stalled or ceased functioning, Windows 11's "end task" option is your best friend. It enables you to shut off those annoying apps without having to reboot your computer. On Windows 11, however, it could be difficult ...


Apple Watch Gets WatchGPT App To Use ChatGPT From Their Wrists

Apple Watch users may now utilize the specific WatchGPT app to access ChatGPT, the acclaimed OpenAI AI-powered chatbot. Also Read: What Is ChatGPT And All The Hype Behind It? What Is WatchGPT? Users of the Apple Watch may now utili...


What To Expect With Android 14 Developer Preview 2

The Android 14 Developer Preview 2 has finally been released by Google with more features that will improve user experience by boosting Performance, Privacy, And Security. Also Read: Google Introduces New Changes With Android 14 APIs Wh...


YouTube Will Finally Be Quitting The Overlay Ads Feature

What Is In The News? YouTube is getting rid of the Overlay Ads feature which was rated as one of the most annoying features. This legacy feature will be discontinued from 9th April 2023. Also Read: How To Stop Personalized Ads On ...


4 Best Ways to Disable Advertising ID on Windows PC

Every user on a Windows PC receives an Advertiser ID, which is a special code assigned by the Microsoft. When the functionality is enabled, it operates much like browser cookies in that advertising agencies and app developers can use the ID...


How to Activate/Hidden Administrator Account in Windows PC

To gain full access to your computer, you can allow the inbuilt administrator account on your Windows PC. The next time you attempt to log in, it will appear on the login screen once enabled. However, the built-in administrator account migh...


Microsoft Introduces A New Windows 11 Volume Mixer

What Is In The News? Microsoft has begun testing a fresh, contemporary volume mixer for Windows 11 that can be accessed from the Quick Settings panel located on the taskbar. This Volume Mixer will allow users to change the level for each...


How To Enable Advanced Graphics In Application Guard For Edge

Application Guard, a fantastic security tool in Microsoft Edge, protects your computer from malware wherever you browse the web. Despite the excellent protection provided by this program, the Advanced Graphics option is disabled by default....