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Microsoft Bing Chatbot Now Allows Users To Create AI Photos

Microsoft's Bing search engine now features an AI-powered image maker that enables users to create custom images using descriptive text. Also Read: All You Wanted To Know About Microsoft’s VALL-E What Is The New AI Image Creator Tool?...


How To Change Themes On Windows 11

Themes are already supported by Windows by default in the personalization options. Microsoft no longer formally releases any new theme, although the Microsoft Store still offers a wide variety. You can also test third-party themes if you're...


Windows 11 March 2023 Patch Tuesday Updates – What’s Wrong?

The Windows 11 March 2023 Patch Tuesday update has been released by Microsoft. The OS has been improved in a number of ways by the update. Also, it seems to contain a problem that could result in a sharp decline in SSD performance. [capt...


Twitter Removes SMS 2FA For Non-Blue Users

Twitter is removing the SMS 2FA security feature for the Non-Blue Accounts. To enable this security feature, users will have to pay $8 per month and register as Twitter Blue users. Twitter also recommends using an "authentication app or sec...


How To Create A “Remove USB” Shortcut In Windows 11

The eject option is available to enable users to remove external storage devices safely. If a USB drive is removed while it is still in use, data may become corrupt. All connected Peripherals are shown in the Safely Remove Hardware dialogue...


Microsoft Is Making Changes To Default App Settings

Microsoft said that they are striving to improve the Windows PC experience in a blog post that was published on Friday. The business unveiled a feature that is said to provide Windows 11 customers more flexibility over default apps. Why Is...


How To Fix System Restore Not Working On Windows 11

A crucial Windows recovery tool is System Restore. It can assist you in reverting system files, software, and registry data to a previous state if you're having issues with your Windows machine. System Restore will fix your issue if these f...


Xbox App Can’t Choose Drive: 8 Ways to Fix it

You can buy and install games on any of your computer drives using the Xbox app. This procedure usually works as intended, but occasionally the Xbox application won't allow you to download games anywhere other than the default drive. This c...


How to Change System Cooling Policy in Windows 11/10

The CPU produces heat when your Windows PC works hard, whether you're using it for business or amusement. Your computer must maintain a delicate balance between the fan and processor speeds in order to stay cool. The system cooling policy e...