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Anuj Jain

Anuj is a content writer for WeTheGeek and being from an engineering background, likes to get more in-depth with technology and gadgets. He likes playing video games and reading in his free time.

How To Turn On Windows Defender In Windows 10

Microsoft has always stayed on top of the charts when it comes to operating systems. With Windows 10, Microsoft has created an immense mark, which is unbeatable for the time being. With hundreds of features and several products under one...


Boot Mac In Safe Mode: When, How And Why?

There could be times when your Mac doesn’t perform well and is running slow. Or you might be having problems in starting up applications, through which system is getting crashed repetitively, or your Mac in not booting up properly or is t...


10 Best Time Tracking Apps For Android To Boost Your Productivity

Have you ever spent time in one thing more than you imagined? We are sure that you have. There are times when we get stuck on one thing and keep doing it, until and unless we are stopped to do it. This wastes our time and also keeps othe...


Fix Outdated Drivers With Driver Navigator

Facing issues with system? Unable to open files? Or is your system responding slow to instructions? Well, this might be because of outdated drivers loaded on system or because of some missing drivers. Outdated drivers can cause errors...


How To Connect Xender From Android To iPhone

Remember those times, when to transfer data, all we had was floppies. Then came CDs and Flash drives. To transfer a single Kb size file, it took long minutes, that too on PCs. But, as the time moved on, with technology, data was too increas...


10 Best Android Photo Organizer Apps To Organize & Manage Images

Wherever we go, the first thing we do is click pictures. As this has become a necessary part of our vacations, so that we can capture and cherish every moment in our old times. Travelling and holidays are fine, but have you ever thought ...


Twitter Tips To Stay Safe & Secure

Are you twitterpated? Well, it’s just not only a term for infatuated or obsessed, it’s also a term used for Twitter addicts. Twitter is a platform where one can like, share, comment and post opinions and thoughts. With an enormous nu...


20 Best Android Puzzle Games To Sharpen Your Brain

Puzzle games came into existence long back when we weren’t even born. At that time there was no digitalization, people used to play puzzle games with stones and pebbles. The basic motive of puzzle games was to develop and improve brain sk...


New Tools To Limit Facebook and Instagram Time & Usage

However, it’s been a tough season for Facebook, but it isn’t giving up. With so much done in the past year to make the platform safest to use, it’s just been an incredible makeover that deserves applause. With all new policies, too...