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Anuj is a content writer for WeTheGeek and being from an engineering background, likes to get more in-depth with technology and gadgets. He likes playing video games and reading in his free time.

8 Best Free War Games For Android To Play Online/Offline

You all might have heard the word ‘War Game’? But, do you know from where it all began? War games were introduced for the first time in 1780s by Johann Christian Ludwig Hellwig. He developed a game namely, Kriegsspiel, which trans...


Ways To Force Change Password On Windows 10

There are lots of features offered by Windows operating system. We use most of them, but still we aren’t aware of the rest. Many of the features are regarding security and are under admin control. Similarly, there is one more security set...


How To Fix ‘Cortana Not Working’ On Windows 10

It’s a rapidly growing digital world, where instead of human assistants, people use digital assistant to schedule meetings, write up texts and what not. Similarly, Microsoft Windows also comes with a virtual assistant named ‘Cortana...


Must Have Xbox One Apps For Gamers

Xbox One X is the latest addition to the Xbox gaming console family. With its super powerful Scorpio engine, it gives user an amazing experience and smoother gameplay. Gaming on Xbox One has gone to some other level, with the processor spee...


8 Best Screen Sharing Software For Windows

Screen sharing is an essential need for any business. With screen sharing software you can run your business more smoothly and in an organized manner. There are several tools for screen sharing. Screen sharing tool allows to share your s...


10 Best Offline Adventure Games For Android In 2023

Adventure is a feeling where you feel the adrenaline rush through your body. Some experiences that make you feel pumped up, an experience that takes a whole lot of strength, risk, and boldness.  One can do many activities to feel advent...


Music-Making Apps Similar To GarageBand For iOS

GarageBand is an iOS app, which allows you to play, record and share music. It lets you create music with the bunch of instruments, where you can actually play and record instruments. However, GarageBand isn’t the only app, there are seve...


Some Useful iPhone Security & Privacy Settings

Our smartphone is an object, which contains every information related to us, how we think, what we do, where we go, everything. Smartphones consists of huge amount of data, from financial to health to searches we make, apps we use and many ...


How To View Disk Space Use In Windows 10

Our systems often get filled by unwanted & useless files, which includes junk files, temporary internet files, duplicates, zero size files and many more. These files consume a lot of valuable disk space on hard drive, which we might ...