Best City Building Games For Android To Play Offline And Online

Constructing something isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, you need to have a vision, imagination and ability to construct. Then be it a small hut or street at the corner. It needs a mind which can act instantly and imagine what next step is going to be and if that step is the wrong one, what alternatives does one have, to solve the issue. It needs all your mental strength to build a small building.

Similarly, when we talk about city building games, constructing and managing one is not that easy. It needs all your time and strength to build a city. It needs all the planning, management and strategies to bring out the best in given time and space.

However, city simulation games came long back into existence. Some of the best classic city construction and management games that still exists & are most played are SimCity Series, Anno Series and Caesar Series. It’s always best to play these games on your PC, but as we now live in rapidly growing digital world, everything is available on our smartphones and so are city building games, which can be played in both modes, offline and online.

So, today in this article, we will be talking about some of the best city building games for Android, where you can show your construction and managements skills, and where you can grow your city into whole new world. But, before starting up, let us once go through the key points for city building games, which will tell us what exact vision we need to have to build one.

What Are the Key Points for City Building Games?

Here are some of the points which will help you in building your dream city:

Build A Lively City

Building or constructing a city could be easy for some, but those who want to create a metropolis with everything in it, be it skyscrapers, parks, landmarks, factories, public services and more needs to build a city that is full of life and is built-in real time, so that every time you visit to your city, it feels as if you are home.

Draw Imagination & Put Attention to Map

Set up your mind and draw your imagination on the map. As map is the most important part of the city, how you build roads and buildings, what way traffic will move, and all of this can be done by putting special attention to map. So just draw your visualization and design by analyzing the map and build a city you dreamt of.

Planning & Strategy Makes Your City Perfect

Yes, as you move further in city simulation games, it will become more messy and complicated for you to figure out things, so it is recommended that before setting up mansions or skyscrapers, you plan and strategize your model, which is easy to construct and manage later in game.

Best Android City Building Games

Now that we know what the key points for city construction and simulation games are, let us start with the list of some of the best Android city building games:

1. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt

On top of the list of best city building games for Android is SimCity BuildIt, one of the most well-known and amazing city simulation game series that hasn’t been changed from the day it was launched. The first SimCity was live back in 1989, and till the time, the game is still on. SimCity BuildIt is a part of the SimCity series developed for Android. You may find it a bit like SimCity 2013 as some of the features in SimCity BuildIt are similar. Its predecessor SimCity 2013 PC version was itself a success for Electronic Arts and had amazing regional gameplay and mods to keep going for the new experience in the world of city simulation.

Talking about SimCity BuildIt, story starts with you as the Mayor of the city, where you design and build your own beautiful dream city that becomes larger and bigger metropolis as you move further in game. Well, those who are SimCity fans, or love to play amazing city building games on Android, then SimCity BuildIt is definitely on the best you can get.

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2. Megapolis


Now, plant work mines, manage warehouse complexes and develop logistics in Metropolis, an offline city building game for Android. The map starts with predefined areas, which are somewhat developed. With its amazing and realistic 3D graphics, model and manage your city efficiently. You can also connect with your friends and visit the neighboring cities to get resources needed in building your own empire. The users are offered daily tasks, where they must expand and build city, following to which they are rewarded in return with coins and experience points.

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3. Little Big City 2

Little Big City 2

This came is all about city building and simulation from scratch. It’s a free and offline city building game for Android with amazing graphics and background score. In Little Big City 2, you can select your expansion style from the given options, which are, Industrial Tycoon, Technological Prodigy or Cultural Artisan. Keep on building your city, unlock new building and landmarks, and don’t forget to collect diverse resources, as they play an important role in every aspect of this game. It has an option to connect with friends, where you can visit friend’s city and can observe new development strategies used by them.

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4. City Mania: Town Building

City Mania Town Building

Well, this game is a bit different from rest of the city building games. It’s a clicker game, where you need to accomplish more things. At first, it looks like as if it’s a PC game, but it’s not one. You have to build cities and can also exchange them from the marketplace. The only thing is, you have keep waiting till the time city is being upgraded. This game is specifically build for budding city builders and not the adults. As it has lots of bubbly and ferocious cartoon character which keep coming to reward you or to provide you with some important resource necessary in developing the city. You can also unlock specializations, which allows you to expand your collection of specialized buildings. It’s an online city building game, means it cannot be played without an Internet connection.

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5. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

This is a city simulation game for Android, which has received many awards for its simple and yet interactive gameplay. This game will make you feel about the ancient era with modern civilization, where you have dig into a mountain and develop buildings and labs to further expand it. The story starts from a vault set up in a wasteland, owned by you, an only entry and exit to the city. Now, you have to manage and simulate this vault in order to build the perfect one. You can customize the simulation according to the requirements, for example, you can customize look of dweller in the Barbershop.

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6. Paradise City: Island Sim Bay

Paradise City Island Sim Bay

Get ready to build your own unique paradise with the best online and offline city building game for Android. It features 9 different islands and 200+ buildings to unlock as you move further in the game. The story starts from scratch where you have to build your own city at paradise bay island. And, you can explore other nearby islands as well to build your city bigger and more advanced. With amazing animation graphics and background score this game is definitely one of the best city building game for Android.

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7. City Island 4- Sim Town Tycoon: Expand the Skyline

City Island 4

Last on the list of the best city building games for Android is City Island 4. It’s a 4th part of the very famous city building series ‘City Island’. Every part has some distinct features when compared to their predecessors. City Island 4 is similar to Cities: Skyline for PC. Game starts with you having a little cash and gold to build up your town, and later town is converted into a whole new another world as you move further in game. It has various simulations to keep you entertained, such as day & night simulation and also fun weather simulation. The rest of the game goes on same basic theme of city building games, where you have collect coins and earn experience points in order to unlock new building and island. This game can be played in both offline and online mode and is available for free on Play Store. So, if you are avid city builder, then City Island 4 is the right choice for you.

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This was all folks! This is the list of the best city building games for Android. Make sure, you remember all the points mentioned above to build a lively city of your own. So, what are you waiting for, download one of the best now and grow your city into a whole new world.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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