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Akanksha Soni

Akanksha Soni is a tech-enthusiast and likes to explore new applications for Android & iPhone. She also loves making videos on the web and recently started exploring the gaming world intensely. An active tech writer, We The Geek is a platform where she provides relevant and tested methods to solve the users’ problems. Her passions include reading and traveling,

What To Do If Teenagers Are Using Instagram To Bully?

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Can You Use FaceTime On Android

Apple's in-built app FaceTime is pretty much loved by the users, and they can instantly connect with their friends using Apple devices like iPhone, iPad or Mac (even Apple Watch supports FaceTime audio). The fantastic video quality, crystal...


How To Delete Spotify Account Using Web Browser

If you are not using Spotify anymore and wish to delete Spotify account, it can be done only using a web browser. Deleting Spotify account through the app itself is not applicable as of now. However, if you wish to try your hands on other m...


FaceTime Not Working On Mac ? Here’s What You Need To Do!

Calls dropping as soon as they start on FaceTime? Or is there an activation error while signing in your FaceTime? Whatever be it, do not panic as this guide will explain all the fixes when FaceTime is not working on Mac. A few things may...


Games To Play With Friends Over FaceTime (No Prep Needed)

The quarantine phase is not getting over anytime soon, and many of us are pretty bored with everyday video calls, watching repeat telecasts on TV and staying indoors. Wondering, what’s next? Well, you want some excitement now, and we beli...


How To Fix Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi Miniport Adaptor

There are instances when our Wi-Fi is not functioning correctly, and despite trying for a connection of hotspot on Windows computer, the error is popping up as Microsoft virtual Wi-Fi Miniport adaptor is missing. The error may come because ...


Traditional v/s Online Classes: Who Gets The Chicken Dinner?

Since ancient times, a classroom is known for a teacher with a bunch of students who are eagerly taking their lessons, interacting with each other, asking questions in between, and spending a specified amount of time in the same environment...