Try These 3 Apps To Help Organize Your Medication

One of the more serious impacts of the Covid Pandemic is the Sedentary Lifestyle which has been adopted by many of us. With no exercise and limited physical activity in the walls of our home, our body is no longer able to dump the excess stuff or toxins via our naturally occurring sweat glands giving rise to diseases and other medical conditions. It becomes difficult to manage and organize medications in routine life and hence it is imperative to use Android apps to do the remembering work for us. This blog describes the best apps for tracking medications and guides readers on how to organize medicines.

Best Apps For Tracking Medications

1) Medicine Reminder App


The Medicine Reminder App is one of the best apps for tracking medications that was created to assist you in maintaining control over your health. This pill reminder app for Android allows you to set personalized pill reminders, track your measurements, and receive notifications about upcoming medical appointments. You may even keep track of your medical reports over time and send them to your doctor, pharmacist, family, and friends as a PDF.

Manage and organize reports: The Systweak Medicine Reminder Application allows users to snap screenshots of images and merge them into a PDF document report that can be shared directly within the app.

Medication-related notifications: With this medicine tracker software, users may plan each prescribed dose, as well as the frequency and times. The user will be reminded of the time by a beep sound, phone vibration, and a notification on their phone.


Appointment Notifications: You can set as many reminders as you want for your doctor’s appointments to guarantee you don’t forget.

A preloaded list of diseases has been provided: The report portion of the Medicine Reminder App contains a pre-populated list of common ailments and conditions. Other diseases that aren’t on the list yet can be added.


Medicines come in several forms: Users can choose from several drug varieties, including drops, capsules, sprays, and syrups, as well as enter the name of the medication if they are taking several.

2) Medisafe Pill & Med Reminder


Medisafe Pill & Med Reminder is an award-winning pill reminder and medication tracker that pharmacists, physicians, and patients consider to be the best. This pill reminder app for Android is a comprehensive medication management platform that gathers all of your medical and health information in one place, including pill and medicine reminders, drug-to-drug interactions, refill notifications, doctor visits, and a health journal with 20+ trackable health metrics. Medisafe is a free service that does not require registration and provides reminders to take medication. The app never saves your address book material, and it never accesses it without your permission making it one of the best apps for tracking medications.

An Excellent Reminder for All Medication Needs: This app helps users to set reminders for different types of medical needs.

Customizable reminders and time settings: This feature allows you to set times for holidays and weekends if you want to sleep and relax without disturbance.


Reminders to refill: Another amazing feature of this app is that it provides a reminder to refill your stock of medicines.

Android Wear-enabled: This app is compatible with Android Wear devices like Smart Watches.

Manage Appointments: With this amazing app on your phone, you can schedule and never miss an appointment.


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3) MyTherapy Pill Reminder


MyTherapy is an award-winning pill reminder and medicine tracker that is free of advertisements. MyTherapy, on the other hand, is more than just a free medication reminder as it combines a pill tracker, mood tracker, and health journal, such as a weight tracker, to help you and your doctor assess the efficacy of your therapy. This pill reminder app for Android is a free service that does not require registration and is truly one of the best apps for tracking medications. It adheres to rigorous European privacy rules and does not share personal information with outside parties.

Getting Motivated to Take Your Medicine

As a reminder to take your medicine, you’ll receive a gorgeous picture of the day. Through MyTherapy Team, you may involve family and friends in your treatment and successfully manage it together.


A Mood, Weight, Blood Pressure, and Other Health Tracker

In the app’s mood diary, you can not only track your medications but also your mood and general well-being. Measurements like blood pressure and weight should be kept on hand. You can use MyTherapy as a diabetic diary and track blood glucose if you have diabetes and are taking diabetes medication.

Reminder Regarding Prescription Drugs

Pill reminders (for birth control pills, for example), a comprehensive database of OTC and Rx pharmaceuticals, support for any dosage form (including tablet, pill, inhalation, injectable), and even refill reminders are all available.


A Health Tracker Tailored to Your Specific Needs

You may use the built-in mood tracker to keep track of your mental health or despair. Use the blood pressure log, the mood diary, or other sections of your health journal to assess your health.

Suggestions for your treatment that are unique to you

This pill tracker software is so simple because of the joint efforts of users, their families, and medical specialists. The developers are continually working to develop the MyTherapy app to better fulfill your medicines tracker requirements.


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Final Word On Trying These 3 Apps To Help Organize Your Medication

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, medical noncompliance is frequently caused by age-related illnesses such as dementia, which causes people to forget things. Seniors should think about installing smartphone apps to help them remember to take their prescriptions on time. In response to the problem of medical noncompliance, there are apps that not only remind seniors to take their medicines on time and in the proper amounts but also urge them to do so daily.

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